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A new epilepsy gene for idiopathic epilepsy in Belgian Shepherds has been found in the canine chromosome 37

Last updated - May 2020

The following table contains Health & Information on dogs we own, owned at the time of health checks/scoring, are from, or are related to our dogs, or that we have used at stud
For Information on the dogs we have bred - that is, under our LUMINEUX prefix, please refer to this page
Lumineux - Litters

Dogs Registered Name
Parents and Date of birth.
Sex Hips Elbows Eyes Bite/Teeth Notes
BISS Ch & Int Bellshill Coast Guard (Imp NZ) - Lilly

Born 10th May 2013

Sire: Bellshill Koala Bear ADX JDX

Dam: Bellshill Tokyo Rose

Now co-owned with Ashley and lives permanently in NSW

  3.3 0.1     Updated May 2020
Bellshill Jylland (Imp NZ) - Calypso

Born 12th February 2013

Sire: Ce Airik av Nangijala (Imp Nwy)

Dam: Bellshill Krime Spree

owners Lumineux

  0.1 0.0     Exhibits "Trancing" behaviour when going to the water bucket inside

(Look it up on google - "dogs trancing")

Updated May 2020
Belenegere Blue Velvet (AI) - Velvet

Born 21st June 2008

Sire: Vegas van Moned (UK)

Dam: Aust Ch Domburg Top Class (Imp UK)

owners Lumineux
B 2.2 0.0 Clear Eye Cert
ACES 6/11/10
Full scissor Hips/Elbows Monash Vet Cllinic 14/10/10

July 2018 - Mammary cancer
Surgery to remove malignant tumors from mamory glands and a large but benign tumor from her back, which Velvet took a long to time to recover from, advised by vet the likliehood of more tumours was high.

Updated 2019 - Another tumor has appeared in her mamory glands but we have decided not to put Velvet through more surgery after the impact the last surgey had on her.

Castelle All Fired Up - Terra

Born 14th November 1992

Aust Ch Fetiche de Condivicnum (Imp Frn)

Aust Ch Nairam Evening Ember

owner Lumineux Knls
rehomed supposedly to D Vincent???
but I could never find out more

B 1.0
Gr 0
  Eyes clear Full scissor Developed severe kennel cough when young, which progressed to Pneumonia, recovered after a lengthy illness with expert care of Wonga Park Vet Clinic.

Flew her interstate supposedly for a mating which never happened.

One of my great regrets in life, being talked into rehoming Terra :(
(too long a story to go into here, but a lesson learned and never forgotten)
Ebonys Bedazzle (Imp USA) - Dazzle

Born 3rd February 2001

Am Ch Jamboree de Beauvoir

Am.Can Ch Osage de la Fureur du Crepscule (Frn)

owners Lumineux & Mirribandi Knls

B 2.2 0.0 Clear 19.07.2003

ACES scheme
Full Scissor Imported USA Released from quarantine (of 1 month) 26.5.2002

Broke upper inscissor and has since had to have tooth pulled out

Dam of Lumineux Devil Inside born 22nd Feb 2004
Dam of
Lumineux litter born 11th Sept 2007
Dam of
Mirribandi litter born 7th May 2008
Dam of
Lumineux litter born 7th April 2010

Surgery/desexing for Pyometra March 2012, symptoms - Dazzle was lethargic and had then stopped eating.

Dazzle had been unwell for some months, no energy and not herself, then she started a gagging sort of noise, her breathing was noisy and after a number of visits to the vets xrays taken in May 2015 showed a "mass" in her lungs (xrays in December 2014 were inconclusive but after a second opinion it was decided there was something suspicous even then)
Initial treatment Clavulox, then put on prednislone which was the only way to help her breathing

Given sleep 22nd May 2015 ) Dazzle had collapsed and by the time we got her to the after hours vet had stopped breathing a couple of times

Aust Ch Fakaisers Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor) - Ulrick

Born 25th April 1999

N DK UCH NV.97.98 NORDV.98
Fakaiser's Emir d' Enrage

N DK UCH Nordv.98
Mona du Crepuscule des Loups

owners Lumineux & Mirribandi Knls

D Penn Hip
L 0.38
R 0.46

4:4 Gr 1

0.0 Clear 27.04.2000
Clear 13.08.2001
Clear 13.12.2003
Full scissor

Tight scissor
@ 10yrs

Entire male

Desexed Dec 2007 -
due to enlarged prostrate

Imported Norway
Released from quarantine (of 1 month) Sept 1999

27th July 2013 Mild vestibular attack (Old dog vestibular disease) head tilt, nystagmus, falling to the right, he can still eat and drink

Sire of
Lumineux "Heart" Litter 8th Feb 2004
Lumineux "M" Litter 9th Dec 2002
Lumineux "A" Litter 20th Nov 2002
Lumineux "Ebony" Litter 2nd May 2002
Lumineux "Summer" litter 12th Dec 2000
Lumineux "Wish/Magic" litter 5th June 2000
and the
Mirribandi O, Q, V, W & X litters

Seizure free (to the best of my knowledge) but has 2 known epileptic offspring & 1 offspring that has had a seizure at 4 yrs, has progeny with seasonal allergies & fleabite sensitivity - see Hypersensitive Immune Systems

Hind leg wekness and back pain in his last years, was on strong pain medicaton

Given sleep 6th Jan 2015 (a number of issues relating to old age)

Aust Ch Glencarr Black Velvet - Velvet

Born 14th May 1991

Aust Ch Lynx de la Queivre (Imp Blg)

Ch Delwinny August Moon

owners Lumineux & Graebelge Knls
rehomed with P Walker

B 7.6
Gr R4 L3
    Full scissor Partly deaf, could hear higher pitch sounds



Given sleep 30th October 2006 due to old age

Aust Ch Lanaken Magic At Midnite (IID) - Jazz

Born 26th May 1996

Re Fandy Black De Condivicnum (Frn)

Shary del Castel Sardo (Imp Ndl)

owner Mirribandi Knls
exported to Hawaii

B 2:1 Gr 0 0:0 Clear 09.01.2002   Given sleep 25th (approx) Nov 2007, due to cancer of the stomach

has two progeny from Mirribandi M litter Born April 1999 that were also Given sleep due to stomach cancer (Oct '07 & Jan '08)

Aust Ch Lanaken Make A Wish (IID) - Gina

Born 26th May 1996

Re Fandy Black De Condivicnum (Frn)

Shary del Castel Sardo (Imp Ndl)

owners Lumineux

B 4.0
Gr 1
Int B
0.0 Clear
Full scissor Dam of
Lumineux "Wish/Magic" litter 5th June 2000
Tankarla litter 20th Jan 2001

Has progeny with allergies - see Hypersensitive Immune Systems

Uterine Inertia - induced both times

Loss of pigment with age

Collapse or Seizure Episode (More of a back leg weakness than anything) 10/12/01, 13/09/02, 08/12/02, 02/04/05.
EIC Exercise-Induced collapse, epilepsy?

Given sleep 5th June 2005, due to cancer of the stomach

Aust Ch Lanaken Moon Shadow (IID) - Shadow

Born 26th May 1996

Re Fandy Black De Condivicnum (Frn)

Shary del Castel Sardo (Imp Ndl)

owner Belwarra Knls

D Hips 0.4 Gr 1 0.0 Clear 9.08.2001 Full scissor/ pincer Entire male

Loss of pigment with age

Cancerous cyst removed from hind leg

died 23rd April 2012

Aust Ch Lanaken Nicolette - Nikki

Born 19th October.1997

Ulzar des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg)
Tarielle des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg)

owners Lumineux

B Penn Hip
R 0.29 L 0.29

Gr 0

0.0 Clear 16.6.2001
PPS 19.07.2003
Full scissor then pincer, then loss of contact lower middle 2 incisors which then dropped forward
Loss of pigment with age

Spondylosis more here diagnosed Sept 2006 at nearly 9 years old,

Arthritis in wrist (swollen) joint front leg

Pain meds and cartrophen for back and wrist

Pyometra desexed 16h Feb 2010

9th Sept 2010 stroke or seizure during the night from which she recovered

2011 medication changed to Onsior

2012 Pain medication changed to Tramadol, changed again to Methasone not as effective anymore (caused some urinary incontinence),
Having a lot of trouble with back end weakness related to nerves in her lower back, loss of sensation in left back leg and knuckling over, still on cartrophen

March 2012, now trying alternate days of Methasone and Rimadyl, left hind paw now has to be covered/bandaged wear a boot to stop damage to paw from knuckling over. Also has a carpal brace for left front leg and harness lifting aid and walking support.

23rd Feb 2013 Given sleep

Lanaken On The Dark Side - Jett

Born 29th May 1998

Jackson de la Douce Plaine (Imp Frn)

Sorbonne V’t Belgisch Schoon (Imp Ndl)

owners Lumineux
then T Joyce

B Penn Hip
L 0.38 R NA (not clear enough to read)
    Full scissor Testicles - one normal
one didn't come down properly


passed away 29th December 2010
Aust Ch Lanaken On The Wild Side - Roxie

Born 29th May 1998

Jackson de la Douce Plaine (Imp Frn)

Sorbonne V’t Belgisch Schoon (Imp Ndl)

owners Lumineux

B Penn Hip
L 0.30 R 0.29

Gr 1

0.0 Clear 13.11.2001 Full scissor
Snake Bite 19th January 2004, died 29th January 2004, my gentle soul passed away at my bedside after 10 days of nursing :(

Totally broke my heart
Lebeau Forever Young (Imp UK) - Dylan

Born 30th June 2007

Sire: Xanova Jeton Noir Avec Chatmar

Dam: Lebeau's American Beauty

owners Lumineux & Mirribandi Knls

D Penn Hip
L 0.62 - R 0.54


0.0 ACES scheme
Full pincer

just undershot @ 2yrs

tight scissor, 2 middle inscissors level April 2010
23/03/09 Dylan's back and Hips (again) were x-rayed due to him being tender.
Lateral pelvic radiographs showed Incomplete Intervertebral disk formation of the lumbar sacral joint (significance unknown)
as per Vet

7th May 2009
Twsited Spleen (Splenic Torsion) & Splenectomy 8th May

Desexed March 2012

Died 3rd Jan 2013 on the way to the vet, snake bite (suspected tiger)
Ch Mirribandi A Wolf Song JC - Siren

Born 7th April 2017

Sire: Ch Lumineux Great Southern Wolf

Dam - Ch Love Song Av Vikholmen HT (Imp Nwy)

Lives with us is and co-owned with her breeder

          Full Heart panel - Normal

Updated May 2020

Aust Ch Mirribandi BurntSienna - Sienna

Born 17.03.2003

Dam: Aust Ch Mirribandi PhoenixDream (AI) CD HIC1

Sire: Aust Ch Grimmendan's Yucan (Imp Blg)

owners Lumineux

B 2.3 0.0 Clear 27.6.2005 Full scissor Dam of
Mirribandi R Litter 12th Oct 2005
Lumineux litter 21st June 2006

Sienna given Alizin 27th & 28th June 2009 for mismating, but was still whelp (complcations mum and pups possibly due to injections??)

August 2010, Has been off colour for a while off and on, heart rate a little slow, blood tests showed nothing unusaul.
Desexed (multiple cysts on ovaries)

28th March 2014 - xray of left front wrist due to lameness, carpal swollen and hot.
Extra bone at joint, arthritis, cancer? Meds for 3 weeks monitor if no improvement re x-ray

Sienna has severe arthritis in both front legs (wrists) much worse in winter and the joints become swollen, she is treated with Tramadol (for the pain) through the colder months and is on Rosehip Vital and Blackmores Osteoease Chews.

14th Jan 2017 Some kind of episode, mini stroke?, staggering, shaking, unco-ordinated.... it lasted too long to be a seizure, the next day she was pretty much back to normal.... she had a similar episode a few weeks proir to this.
Had Comfortis 5 days prior, last episode possibly around same time as previous dose - I can't remember the date of that episode to be able to compare if the Comfortis could have been a contributing factor, she won't be having it again anyway....

Given sleep Oct 2017

Mirribandi Celebration - Ace

Born 7th May 2008

Dam: Ebonys BeDazzle (Imp USA)
Sire: Mirribandi MakeMineBlak

owners Lumineux & Mirribandi Knls

        Full scissor Entire male

Has had some seizures, not regular enough to assume eplipsy, common factor appears to be heat

August 2016 - We are in temporary accom while our house is rebuilt.
Had a couple of seizure on extremely hot days, but I also must note the property had been sprayed with a glysophate spray which may have contributed

Updated May 2020
Note: has produced a daughter that seizures - Lumineux Blue Diamond
- Diamond has had at least 5 seizures in the last 6 months, the triggers have been over excitement, over exercising & stress, but she has had at least two whilst at rest - I would describe them as Grand Mal.
So we believe the above mentioned seizures are epilepsy

So we now believe the above mentioned seizures are epilepsy and the triggers, like his daughter appear to be heat, over excitement, stress.

Mirribandi Cherish - Cherry

Born 7th May 2008

Dam: Ebonys BeDazzle (Imp USA)
Sire: Mirribandi MakeMineBlak

owner was Lumineux
now S & J Schmidt

        Full scissor Dsexed

Updated Sept 2019, Health OK

Mirribandi Esmeralda Mermer

Born 24th August 2008

Dam: R/U BISS Aust Ch Xanova Zadora HIC HT (Imp UK)

Sire: R/U BISS Mirribandi Baileys Dream

owner Lumineux for first year
then Mirribandi, rehomed


Full scissor

Grade 4 Heart Murmur detected at 7weeks and again 20th Dec 2008

Not for breeding

Desexed August 2010

Died 5th Feb 2011 (Heart gave out)
Mirribandi GryphonDream - Gryphon

Born 19th March 2004

Sire: Vanistica French Fanfare (Imp UK)

Dam: Aust Ch Mirribandi Phoenix Dream (AI) CD

owners Lumineux
now W Barton
B 2.1 0.0 Clear

ACES scheme
Full scissor Entire male
(1 at 8 wks - 2 at 16 wks)

Sire of
Lumineux "A" Litter 3rd April 2006

Has one pup with HD (Hip Dysplasia)

27th June
Superlorin implant for enlarged prostrate

2010 Kidney/liver funtion issues
Prescription diet - low protein, low fat, low phosphorous, high carbs

Given sleep 15th May 2015.
"He had been doing so well with his kidney issue well managed for 5 years
(almost unheard of according to his vet). Unfortunately his back legs
stated to have trouble. He was treated for neuropathic pain and given meds
for ligament/tendon problems but these were limited due to his kidneys."

Mirribandi MakeMine Blak - Blaki/Beau

Born 12th June 2005

Sire: S.R. Bergerac Faust HJCH, ÷JCH, HSHCH, HCH

Dam: Aust Ch Wimjammer's Revoir (Imp USA) HIT

owners Lumineux
J Carr

D 3.2 0.0 ACES scheme
Full bite but undershot (middle incisors) at 4.5 months
Undershot at 1.1/2yrs

Entire male

Sensitive tummy, deveoped intolerance to certain foods, seems to be mainly fresh meat so now on rice and baked chicken (free range), and rice and tuna diet (one bowl each per day) as well as chicken and cereal based dried food for snacking. 

Updated Sept 2019 - Getting old and probably has some canine cognitive dysfunction
Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah - Marnie

Born 7th April 1999

Sire: Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK)

Dam: Ch Lanaken Magic At Midnite (IID)

owner Lumineux

B 2.3
Gr 1
0.0 Clear 13.08.2001
Full scissor Dam of
Lumineux "Ebony" Litter 2nd May 2002

Lumineux "M" Litter 9th Dec 2002

25/11/2005, 07/10/2006 Collapse or Seizure Episode (More of a back leg weakness than anything.
Is dragging back feet - of foot dragging on ground (intermittent). Lethargic
11/01/2006 Another episode of some sort, this time she held out her front leg almost as if she had stood on something or had a cramp, she hunched up a little when I held her and touched her sides, lost a little balance but did not actually collapse, didn't loose consciousness. Like other episodes had been running around prior (and had just eaten - did not throw up her food)
12/02/2007 Another episode of some kind, again just after running around then eating, she lay down then tried to get up. lost balance again, I sat with her after getting her to lay down and she was completely conscious and wagging her tail.

Feb '07 Lethargic, coat dry, not herself, off to the vet again. Slow heart rate, x-ray showed she has a smaller than normal heart which may account for the slower rate. More blood work, Thyroid was slightly low but not abnormal, trying her on Thyroxine to see if seizures/collapse stop

June 09 no episodes since the Thyroxine

August 2010, surgery to remove large cysts from 2 rear mammary glands on one side

Oct 2010 back to vet because of ulcerated sores from back mammary area to groin (Clavulox and Macrolone)

3rd Nov 2010 back to vet (sores not healing, getting worse) is also lame in right shoulder (arthritis), staying at vet for a couple of days to be monitored (and see if she will respond to different treatment) and for pain medication.

Given sleep 6th Nov 2010
Inflammatory Mammary Carcinoma (she'd had surgery but the wounds wouldn't heal and it was just spreading....

Aust Ch Mirribandi Rebellion HT - Rebel

Sire - Ch Mirribandi Merveilleux HT CT RN
Dam - Ch Love Song Av Vikholmen HT (Imp Nwy)

owners Lumineux

  0:0 0:0 Eyes - ACES "Unaffected"
30.01.17 ACES
Full DNA profile - Parentage Verification Confirmed 


Some type of collapse x 3, possible exercise induced.

updated May 2020

Aust Ch Mirribandi Uncovered CD - Flash

Born 27th July 2003

Playboy Des Perles Noire (Imp Frn)
Dam: Lanaken Magic at Midnite

owners Lumineux

D 3:0 0.0 Clear

ACES scheme
Full tight scissor Entire male

Sire of
Mirribandi "H2" Litter26th May 200

Lumineux "T" Litter 5th Oct 2004

Lumineux Litter 11th Sept 2007

deceased 18th Feb 2010
Immune Mediated Meningitis

Moonshadow Enchantress - Tiger

Born 31st October 2006

Sire: Eng & Aust Ch Corsini Lysander (Imp UK)

Dam: Aust Ch Ebontide Parisian Affair (Imp UK)

owner Moonshadow Knls
stayed with us, then
M Fernandez

B       Full scissor Desexed

Moonshadow Forget Me Not - Taylor

Born 16th September 2008

Sire: BISS Aust Ch Mirribandi Perfect Tzar

Dam: Xanova Rose Noir (Imp UK)

owner was Lumineux
now F Holcroft

scissor missing 2 pm2's


Updated Sept 2019, Health OK
Myzchev Black Sapphire - Sapphire

Born 23rd October 2006

Sire: HJC HSCH Picasso de la Terre Sauvage CD AD JD ET (Imp Hun)

Dam: Aust Grand Ch Myzchev Angel N Disguise ET

owner was Lumineux
now C & C Gregory

B       Full scissor Desexed

Updated Sept 2019, Health OK
Aust Ch Nairam High Light - Ebony

Born 9th April 1987

Sire: Belwarra Fanfares Gift

Dam: Ch Belwarra Elissa CD

owner Lumineux

B 8.8
Gr 3
  Clear 04.03.1995
Final eye exam. pronounced free from inherited eye disease
Scissor (missing teeth?) Dam of
Lumineux "Moon" litter 21st May 1989

Lumineux "B" litter 21st Dec 1990

After desexing developed spay incontinence.

Arthritis, slight loss of hearing due to age.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

Given sleep 5.06.2002 due to aggressive mammary cancer

Peaties Black Elegance - Ella

Born 4th March 1988

Sire: Ch Belwarra Evening Shadow

Dam: Braybonee High Class

owner Lumineux
my mums girl

B       Scissor bite
missing teeth
Mum's dog, Ellie.

Stroke which she eventually recovered from

Given sleep 2004 old age
Aust Ch Tankarla Manitukala - Kayla

Born 20th January 2001

Sire: Aust Ch Anoblir Shumanito Tanka (T)

Dam: Aust Ch Lanaken Make A Wish (IID)

owner Lumineux
now H Vanderkroft

B       Full Scissor Kayla is out of our girl Gina - Ch Lanaken Make a Wish

Aust Ch Tankarla Marnehantardi HIT - Tex

Born 20th January 2001

Sire: Aust Ch Anoblir Shumanito Tanka (T)

Dam: Aust Ch Lanaken Make A Wish (IID)

owners Tankarla Knls

D 1.2   Clear 03.11.2003 Full Scissor Tex is out of our girl Gina - Ch Lanaken Make a Wish

Tankarla Wichinchala - Tinky

Born 20th January 2001

Sire: Aust Ch Anoblir Shumanito Tanka (T)

Dam: Aust Ch Lanaken Make A Wish (IID)

owner Paul Barker

B       Scissor missing teeth Tinky was out of our girl Gina - Ch Lanaken Make a Wish

Renal Dysplasia
Given sleep 27th November 2004, due to kidney failure

Aust Ch Timmar Black Fantasia - Gamma

Born 19th September 1988

Sire: Ch Timmar Devilman

Dam: Ch Timmar Ecstasy

owners Lumineux

B 15.25
Gr 5
    Scissor but missing 1 lower pm Arthritis in hips due to Hip Dysplasia

x-rayed again when older for my own info, would rate in the 40's if scored again

Given sleep 20/01/2002
could no longer walk

Aust Ch Uzzi van de Hoge Laer (Imp Blg) - Uzzi

Born 6th December 1996

WW-91 RE Bel, Int CH Millo van de Hoge Laer IPO3 (T)

Dam: Rachel van de Hoge Laer (T)

owners Lumineux

D A   Clear
Full scissor Uzzi came to live with me in August 2003, a little before his 6th Birthday

Seizured 6.20pm 16/02/02, April 02 (I personally didn't see this one), 16/04/04 11/05/04, 26/01/05, 04/02/05 this last one was a very bad, we put him on medication straight after - dates corrected from my records 16 July '09

Due to the late onset of seizures (at six years old), Uzzi is not available at stud.
Please Note, Uzzi was used at stud PRIOR to his known seizure status.
Uzzi began medication (Phenomav) in May 2005 - we have not witnessed a seizure since he started it.(as at July '09)
Uzzi has at least two known seizuring offspring from our breeding (another suspected), both are on medication.
(as at April 2008)

Sept 2006 Water filled cyst on back of neck drained but will return and need redraining (vaccination site), cyst returned a few months later

Dec 2009 Vestibular attack (Old dog vestibular disease)
Deceased 9th Feb 2010
passed away in his sleep early hours of the morning Tuesday 9th.

Aust Ch Weedram Bessen The Witch - Bessen

Born 3rd May 1995

Sire: Ch Weedram Kadok Du Bessen

Dam: Ch Weedram Solos Temptress

owners Lumineux

B 4.4
Gr 2
    Scissor Dam of
Lumineux "E" litter 13th Nov 1997 and
Lumineux "F" litter 14th June 1999
1 litter with breeder

Seizured 18/3/2002, 2/4/2005,
6/11/05 BAD ONE
11/11/05 suspected? Nov 2005 - Trying epilepsy medication - Since approx July 2005 - has a head tilt which may be due to senior vestibular syndrome or to a brain tumour which could be the cause of the seizures. In Nov 2005 she was checked for injury to spine (x-rayed) nor does she have a middle ear infection.
Bessen's balance problems are getting worse. Feb 2006 - blood tests all clear.
Has lost the sight in one eye.

Had teeth cleaned and 2 rotten ones removed Nov 2005.

Given sleep 14th May 2006 due to deterioration from above illness

Aust Ch Weedram Dances W Wolves - Bobby

Born 3rd April 1991

Sire: Ch Beleesha Bounty Hunter

Dam: Ch Weedram Grand Fantasy

owners Lumineux

B 3.4
Gr 1
  Clear 4.3.1995 Scissor
1 missing pm
First suspected cancer of the spleen nothing found under surgery, so suspected bone cancer. Main symptom was pale mucous membranes - due to Dessimated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), also lethargy & loss of appetite,
Lab report from two lung samples after surgery -
Diagnosis: Acute and subacute pulmonary hemorrhage and edema with occasional fibrin vascular thromi, Lung.
Comments: included - Cardiac disease and toxicosis would also have to be considered as possible causes of these changes.

Deceased 24th Nov 1999. Did not recover from exploratory surgery
Aust Ch Weedram Kadok du Bessen (AI) - Kadok

Born 12th April 1990

Sire: Eng Ch Kadok de la Maison du Bois of Alycon

Dam: Aust Ch Weedram Bessen Gevener

Owner/Breeder F Philp

Gr 1
0.0   (Full?) Scissor Deceased 4th June 2001 (bloat I believe)
Aust Ch Weedram Material Girl - Candy

Born 27th September 1993

Sire: Ch Weedram Beat The Critics

Dam: Ch Weedram Hanky Panky

owners Lumineux

B 3.3
Gr 1
    Full Scissor Dam of
Lumineux "Star" litter 10th June 1999 by Caesarean, only one pup survived past day four, cause of death unknown.
Lumineux "Starr 2" Litter 13th Dec 2002

Laryngeal scarring - scar tissue formation that can interfere with breathing (from debarking) unable to correct with surgery (twice)

Given sleep 1/2/2005 cancer (at the vets for a couple of days as she was unwell and panting, her temperature rose and they couldn't cool her down)

Zahra Comme un Reve Noir (Imp Hungary) - Zahra

20th Nov 2012 - 16th April 2015

Sire: T.s. HSCH Kimba Comme un Reve Noir

Dam: T.s. HSCH HJch Tosca Comme un Reve Noir

  Hips B Xrayed overseas Eyes clear 23/12/2013   Osteosarcoma in hind leg

We had planned on have her leg amputated to give her a bit more time, however the cancer had already metastasized and was found to be in her lungs on pre-surgery x-rays.

We tried a support her using a natural cancer protocol (supplements etc) which may have extended her life a little but ???

Given sleep 16th April 2015 when her body/organs started to shut down, this was approx 5 weeks after the initial diagnosis.
Aust Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer (Imp UK) - Harley

Born 1st September 1993

Sire: Zellik Hgh Flyer

Dam: Zellik Dark Desire

owners Lumineux & Graebelge Knls

B 1.1
Gr 0
  Final eye exam Eyes pronounced Clear 18.12.2004, but mild case of panus Full Scissor Imported from the UK Released from quarantine (of 2 months) Feb 1994

Entire male

Urinary tract infection 1995

Sire of
Graebelge "D" litter 25th Oct 1996
Lumineux "H" litter 12th Jan 1997
Moonshadow litter 19th Oct 1997
Mirribandi K iitter 27th July 1997
Mirribandi M Litter 7th April 1999

Has epileptic progeny but never seizured himself


Stroke 2006

Given sleep 29th Dec 2006

* EIC - Excercise Induced Collapse

Morris Animal Foundation: What are the symptoms of EIC?
Dr. Taylor: Dogs with EIC are normal at rest and are usually described as being extremely fit, prime athletic specimens of their breed. These dogs can tolerate mild or steady exercise, but five to 20 minutes of strenuous exercise, especially together with a high level of excitement or stress, induces weakness and incoordination and then collapse. Weakness will usually be noted in the hind legs first, causing dogs to drag their hind legs as they run. In some dogs the weakness will progress to involve all four limbs. These dogs may actually collapse and appear unable to move their limbs or raise their head. Dogs are usually mentally normal during their collapse, but a few dogs appear disoriented and may exhibit a loss of balance. Most dogs with EIC return to normal after 10 to 20 minutes of rest, but a few affected dogs have died during episodes of collapse.

More Info Exercise-Induced collapse in dogs

Dogs whose DNA we submitted to the UC Davis epilepsy study - (S) seizures, (NS) no seizures


Lumineux Beautiful Girl (NS) Lumineux Burn For You (NS) Lanaken Make A Wish (S)
Lumineux Beauty's Beast (S) Lumineux de la Soleil (NS) Lanaken Nicolette (NS)
Lumineux Fiery Sensation (NS) Lumineux Hearts A Flame (NS) Lanaken On The Dark Side (NS)
Lumineux Hells Bells (NS) Lumineux Hearts On Fire (NS) Lanaken On The Wild Side (NS)
Lumineux High Voltage (NS) Lumineux Sapphire Rose (NS) Timmar Black Fantasia (NS)
Lumineux Sun Singer (NS) Lumineux Winter Serenade (NS) Weedram Bessen The Witch (S)
Lumineux Storm Shield (NS) Lumineux Sweet Sensation (NS) Weedram Material Girl (NS)
Lumineux Live Wire (NS) Nairam High Light (NS) Weedram Dances W Wolves (NS)
Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (NS)