Handsome boy

Gorgeous expression...

3 yrs 4 mths - photos courtesy P Barker

Aust Ch Mirribandi Uncovered CD

Sire: Aust Ch Playboy des Perles Noires (Imp Frn) x Dam: Aust Ch Lanaken Magic At Midnite (IID)

7th May 2001 to 18th February 2010

Health Results/Scores

'People are born so that they can learn how to live a good  life, 
Dogs already know how to do that, so they don't have to stay as long.'


Flash came to live with us in June of 2004 after spending his first three years in sunny Queensland, thank you Kathryn for letting this special boy come to live here.

A masculine male of good size with the wonderful character we love and have come to expect in these lines.

He sired one litter before leaving Queensland click here for pedigree and here for photos of some of his puppies.

In his two litters with us he produced three Champions, the first with 'Teagan' Lumineux Play With Fire are Ch Lumineux Tani ~ Ch Lumineux Titan ~ Ch Lumineux Tia please click here to see photos of these puppies.

The second litter with 'Dazzle' Ebony's Bedazzle (Imp USA), consisted of three pups, the two girls Lumineux Believe In Me ~ Lumineux Bewitched stayed here with us, click here to see the puppies photos.

February 2010 ~ Flash became ill and deteriorated rapidly,  eventually diagnosed with Immune Mediated Meningitis and unresponsive to treatment we had to make the difficult decision to end his pain.

Tex, Shaggy, Flash
Aust Bred Dog Class
Tex, Shaggy, Flash

A very out of coat Flash in the show ring.

BSDCV Specialty 2005 - photos courtesy P Barker


  18 months old 3 yrs 4 mths - photos courtesy P Barker 15 weeks old - photo courtesy K Todd 3 yrs 4 mths - photos courtesy P Barker 3 yrs 4 mths - photos courtesy P Barker 3 yrs 4 mths - photos courtesy P Barker

Flash at different ages - photos courtesy K Todd & P Barker


nearly 3 yrs old

nearly 3 yrs old


Flash at different ages - photos courtesy K Todd


Flash's CV

Show Highlights

June 2004 - Flash is now Trained/Handled by myself and Wayne....

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Vic Specialty 29th Oct 2005 - Judge: M Vermeire (Belgium)

Intermediate Dog Class
4 years. Complete scissor bite, loss of pigmentation, good muzzle, should have more stop. Good skull, eyes could be darker, ears low set and large at the base. Could have more neck, straight back but too long, good croup, tail a bit short, just not enough developed. Could have more shoulder angulation, well angulated in rear, loosing coat, coat needs more care, coat very dry. Movement a bit narrow in rear, good in front, covering enough ground. Very Good.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of QLD Specialty 12th June 2004 - Judge Mrs J Clifford (UK)

1st - Res CC
Three years old, mouth complete and level, lovely head and expression, good dark eye, good chiselling, minimum stop, tall ears, could be higher set, excellent neck, body a little long and sloping croup, sufficient chest for age, moderate angulation front and rear, good steady movement just needs to get his coat to complete the picture.  Grading - EXCELLENT

Whilst trained/Handled by Helen Meharg and Kathryn Todd

Finished Championship title with BEST IN GROUP win 17th April 2004 from the Open class.

Best Open In Group - Goombungee Championship Show - 17th April 2004

4th Place Queensland Classic - 5th May 2002

Best Puppy In Group - Gladstone Championship Show - Easter 2002

Best Footed - BSDCQ Open Property Class - March 2002

Best Puppy In Show - BSDCQ Open Show - March 2002

Reserve Best Baby 3-6 months old - WDCQ Puppy Match - 13th October 2001


Lure Coursing - Trained/Handled by Helen Meharg

3rd place 10th Nov 2002 Qld Lure Coursing Association, his debut Lure Coursing day out!

3rd place 16th Feb 2003 Qld Lure Coursing Association

3rd place 29th June 2003 Qld Lure Coursing Association


Obedience Results - Trained/Handled by Helen Meharg

2nd Place Novice Dog 151 pts QUALIFIED 1st June 2003 Laidley Sweepstakes

2nd Place Novice Dog 179 pts QUALIFIED 19th June 2003 Ipswich Trial

2nd Place Novice Dog ??? pts QUALIFIED July 2003 Trial

4th Place Novice Dog 173 pts QUALIFIED 26th Oct 2003 Ipswich Trial

CD Title attained with 4th Place in the middle of a thunderstorm!!

2nd Place Jumpers QUALIFIED 17th Jan 2004 Logan All Breeds Obedience Club

2nd Place Jumpers 7th Feb 2004 Obedience Club of Brisbane

2nd Place Jumpers Toowoomba Trial

just one qualifier to earn to get his Jumpers title as well.



Aust Ch Playboy des Perles Noires (Imp Frn) (Hips 8:5) Eyes "Normal" late 2002
s.r. Ch. Esp./Lux. Leny du Clos du Cher (Frn) Hips A
Haudry de la Douce Plaine (Frn) Hips A
E'rick de la Douce Plaine (Frn) Hips A
Re Borromee de Kiwani (Frn)
R.E. Fr. Ch Braise du Perigord Vert (Frn) Hips A
RE Ch Sam de la Douce Plaine (Frn) Hips A
RE Ch Perette du Chemin des Dames (Frn)
Gladys des Perles Noires (Frn) Hips A
SR Vick du Parc de L'Hay (Frn) Hips A
Pirate de la Bonne Recontre (Frn)
Ollia du Parc de L'Hay (Frn)
Re Cinna du Perigord Vert (Frn) Hips A
RE Ch Kadour de la Quievre (Blg)
RE Vanille du Periogord Vert (Frn) Hips A
Aust Ch Lanaken Magic At Midnite (IID) Hips 2.1, Elbows 0.0, Eyes "Clear" 09.01.01
RE Fandy Black de Condivicnum (Frn) (G)
RE Dandy du Chemin des Dames (G)
SR Blg, Frn, Ndl & Lux Ch Kadour de La Quievre (G)
RE Ramona du Chemin des Dames (G)
RE Brennie du Sart des Bois (T)
Uhgor du Sart des Bois (T)
Tchalai du Sart des Bois (T)
Shary del Castel Sardo (Imp Ndl) (G)
Grimm-G (G) Hips TC
Fitzroy-T del Vargo (T)
Mousette di Camerano (G)
Filou del Castel Sardo (G) Hips TC
Mistyk van de Hoge Laer (G)
Nkosi del Castel Sardo (G)

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