8 Groenendael puppies born 8th Feb 2004

5 Males & 3 Females






Hips 4.0 Grade 1 - Elbows 0.0 Normal - Clear Eye Cert 13/12/2003
Hips 4.4 Grade 1 - Elbows 0.0 Normal - Clear Eye Cert 13/12/2003

Shandy is an excellent brood bitch and is a very gentle and caring mum. Her pups inherit her bouncy, happy attitude and are 'thinking" dogs, just like mum. Her first litter (two Groenendael girls) was born in December 2000, we kept "Lumineux Summer Flame". Her second litter (3 Tervueren & 6 Groenendael) was born in April 2002 - the stars from this litter are "Willow" Aust Ch Lumineux Wild Heart TDX a grey Tervueren female owned & trained by Gary and Pat Roberts, "Heart" Lumineux Moon Heart who won BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW at the BSDCNSW Specialty 2002 under Breed Specialist judge Mr A. Lyrholm (Sweden), before going to her new home in Qld - and Lumineux Brave Heart owned by Paul Barker, "Blade" is growing into a very impressive,handsome dog
Ulrick produces typey pups with excellent characters he passes on his nice short body and opulent coat. As well as having great success at shows, obedience, agilty and herding, they are wonderful, loving companions. We are proud to announce that Ulrick is also the Sire of two
"Seeing Eye Dogs". Some of his progeny's other accomplishments include - Best In Specialty Show & Specialty Class In Show's - Royal Show BOB, RUBOB's, BOSOB, CC's, Res CC's and Puppy of Breed - mutiple age Class In Group wins. Titles gained so far include; Ch (Australian Champion), CD (Companion Dog, AD (Agility Dog), JD (Jumpers Dog), HIT (Herding Instinct Test) & Field Ch (Lure coursing)

The Girls - Lumineux Cross My Heart, Lumineux From the Heart, Lumineux Take My Heart

The Boys - Lumineux Steal ya Heart, Lumineux Heart to Heart, Lumineux Guard My Heart, Lumineux Steal My Heart,
Lumineux Heart and Soul

Shandy & Ulrick pups - first week

Did you want something? Puppy pile Mum and pups - resting all asleep Enough already! another angle - still sleeping

Second and third week

Having a drink Mum and babes Proud mum Sitting pretty Who's the cutest? Let's get em

Second and third week



Cutie pie

Wow, what are these?


Second and third week

On the move

First milk meal (other than mums)

Two cuddly buddies

Soooooo cute



Forth week


big stretch

Pup in a Box

Hi everyone

Destroy the Box!


Fifth week

Mum surrounded by pups

Red collar female, Minka

Yellow collar male - Ruben

Blue collar boy (Harry) playing with mum

Dark Blue collar male, Pharaoh

Yellow collar male, Ruben


Burgandy collar male - Steal Ya Heart, TC

Tartan collar male - Lumineux Heart and Soul, Cub

Yellow collar boy - Ruben

Blue collar male - Lumineux Steal My Heart, Harry

The 2 blue collar boys Harry and Pharaoh

Tartan collar boy front (Cub)


Burgandy collar boy - TC

Dark Blue collar (Pharaoh) and Yellow collar (Ruben) males

Tartan collar male - Cub

The gang

Lets kill that slipper!

Mum and dark blue collar boy - Pharaoh

Who's got the moccy? Mum and dark blue collar boy (Pharaoh)

Get the moccasin!!!!!

Get mum instaed

rough and tumble


Red collar girl - Minka

Green collar girl - Lumineux Cross My Heart, Layla

Burgandy collar boy (TC) - I've got the moccasin now!

Green collar girl - Layla

Green collar girl - Layla

Yellow collar boy on top of green collar girl - Ruben & Layla


Pink collar girl - Belle

Pink collar girl - Belle



Born Dogs Reg. Name Sex Variety Hips Elbows Eyes Bite/Teeth Testicles Notes
08.02.2004 Lumineux Cross My Heart
Layla - Green collar
B G            
  Lumineux From the Heart
Belle - Pink collar
B G            
  Lumineux Take My Heart
Minka - Red collar
B G            
  Lumineux Steal ya Heart
TC - Burgandy collar
D G         Entire at 8wks  
  Lumineux Heart to Heart
Ruben - Yellow collar
D G         One down at 8 wks  
  Lumineux Guard My Heart
Pharaoh - Dark Blue collar
D G         One down at 8wks  
  Lumineux Steal My Heart
Harry - Blue collar
D G         Entire at 8wks  
  Lumineux Heart and Soul
Cub - Tartan collar
D G         Entire at 8wks  


N DK UCH NV-97-98 NORDV-98
Fakaiser's Emir d' Enrage

GB CH N UCH Gooitzen v't Belgisch Schoon

BELG Ch Engel du Domaine Ponti

Elga of Lady Mary

N DK UCH Lesly v't Belgisch Schoon

Vick du Parc de L'hay (Terv)

Ylva v't Belgisch Schoon

N DK UCH Nordv-98
Mona du Crepuscule des Loups

R.e. Femto du Bois du Tôt (Terv)

R.e. Day Dreem de Condivicnum (Terv)

R.E. Tiakie du Sart des Bois (Terv)

F UCH Fidji du Castel d'Argences

F B LUX Ch Ares du Bois du Tôt (Terv)

F Ch Vanille du Chemin des Dames

Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK) Hips 1:1 Gr 0 Zellik High Flyer (UK) Niels at Skyloom Noir at Zellik (UK)
Zellik Whisper (UK)
Zellik Dark Desire (UK) Magician van de Hoge Laer (Blg)
Eng Ch Zellik Whirlwind (UK)
Ch Lumineux Burn For You Hips 2:2 Gr 0 Ch Belwarra Holy Smoke (Terv) Hips 1:1 Gr 0 Ch Niavana Jump The Gun (Imp UK) (Terv) Hips 1:1 Gr 0
Ch Aisance Cherie Amour (Terv) Hips 4:3 Gr 0
Ch Nairam High Light Hips 8:8 Gr 3 Belwarra Fanfares Gift
Ch Belwarra Elissa CD