7 Females & 3 Males (Groen) Born 20th Nov 2002



Hips 2.0 Grade 1 * Elbows 0.0 * Clear Eye Cert 13/11/2001

Hips 4.4 Grade 1 - Elbows 0.0 Normal - Clear Eye Certificate 13/08/2001

This is Shine's second litter, her first (a litter of two) was with Ch Lanaken Moon Shadow. Shine is a clever young girl with a quick mind, whose favourite pastime is retrieving the ball, in conformation showing she has excellent gradings from Mr. E Desschans (Belgium) & Mr B Thevenon (Belgium).
Ulrick was specificaly imported with the intention of combining his lines to those of Shine's Sire - our previous and highly successful import "Harley" Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer (Imp UK). Ulrick is a masculine dog with a wonderful nature, loves meeting people and has many friends - both two and four legged! At Belgian Specialty shows he has Excellent gradings from Mr A Lyrholm (Sweden) & Mme Heraly (Belgium). Ulrick produces typey pups with excellent characters that have had success in the show ring, obedience, agilty, herding and are wonderful and loving companions. These pups have lovely natures and show great potential as future working/obedience prosepects.
THE GIRLS - Lumineux All that Jazz, Lumineux Anythimg Goes, Lumineux After Dark, Lumineux Amirah, Lumineux Ascha CD, Lumineux Absolutely Fab, Lumineux Midnight Ink
THE BOYS - Lumineux After the Storm, Lumineux A Night Owl, Lumineux Armand.

What's this stuff under us

Hi there!

Wow this grass is neat

On grass the first time - 3 1/2 weeks

What a big world it is out here

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N DK UCH NV-97-98 NORDV-98 Fakaiser's Emir d' Enrage

CH GB & N Gooitzen v't Belgisch Schoon IPO1 (Hips A)

CH BELG Engel du Domaine Ponti

Elga of Lady Mary

CH N & DK Lesly v't Belgisch Schoon (Hips A)

S.r. Vick du Parc de L'hay (Terv)

S.r. W-91 Ylva v't Belgisch Schoon

N DK UCH Nordv-98 Mona du Crepuscule des Loups

R.e. Femto du Bois du Tôt (Terv)

R.e. Day Dreem de Condivicnum (Terv)

R.E. Tiakie du Sart des Bois (Terv)

F UCH Fidji du Castel d'Argences

F B LUX Ch Ares du Bois du Tôt (Terv)

F Ch Vanille du Chemin des Dames

Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK) (Hips 1:1) Zellik High Flyer (UK) Niels at Skyloom Noir at Zellik (UK)
Zellik Whisper (UK)
Zellik Dark Desire (UK) Ch GB Magician van de Hoge Laer (Blg)
Ch GB Zellik Whirlwind (UK)
Ch Lumineux Burn For You (Hips 2:2) Ch Belwarra Holy Smoke (Terv) (Hips 1:1) Ch Niavana Jump The Gun (Imp UK) (Terv) (Hips 1:1)
Ch Aisance Cherie Amour (Terv) (Hips 4:3)
Ch Nairam High Light (Hips 8:8) Belwarra Fanfares Gift
Ch Belwarra Elissa CD