13th July 2012

Lumineux Sweetest Starr

Dam: Aust Ch Weedram Material Girl - Sire: Jackson de la Douce Plaine (Imp Frn)

Hips 0.2 Elbows 0.0

10th June 1999 to 24th July 2014

Health Results/Scores

owner Lumineux

."Starr" is a very special girl, the only surviving puppy from Candy and Jackson's litter of eight whelped by c-section, she was named in memory of her brothers and sisters, who sadly didn't live past the third day. "Little shining stars in the night sky," I will never forget!
Starr's was the constant companion and playmate of her mother "Candy" until Candy's passing in Feb 2005.
Starr barely keeps four legs on the ground at any one time and she knows full well that she can get away with anything. Due to the dramatic circumstances of her birth, she is rather spoilt and I basically let her do what ever she likes

24th July 2014 - In memory

My sweet girl passed away in the early hours of the morning, snuggled up on the bed by my side where she slept each night.

Starr lived up to her name in every way, she was one of the sweetest natured dogs (of any breed) I have ever known, she didn't have a mean bone in her body.

I think your guardian Belgian "Ella angel" will miss you as much as I will :(

You will always live in my heart my baby girl.

Pedigree   Puppies


5th Feb 2014


22nd March 2014

With Blaki and Starr 26th March 2014

Ella cleaning Starrs face which she used to do daily ~ 25th March 2014


5th April 2014


5th April 2014

11th June 2014

11th June 2014

Snuggled up in bed 13th June 2014

6th July 2014

Foggy morning with the gang



8 years old


9th April 2011 almost 12 years old


11 years old

7.9 years old ~ 2007

7.5 years old

Starr at 7.9 years old, pictured here with Sparky ~ 2006


7.5 years old ~ 2006


Nearly 6 years

from left to right - Ella, Lia (Starr's daughter) and Starr

Two months away from her sixth birthday ~ 2005


Puppy Starr Baby Starr

Baby photos

Below - Starr as a baby with her mum Candy


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