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Seasons Greetings

To all our friends (human and fur)

Wishing you all the best for the coming year.

21st December 2013

Lumineux Shine On Kiara

RIP sweet girl, Kiara ~ Lumineux Shine On Kiara ~ owners the Campaign family
19th January 2002 ~ 21st December 2013
Sire: Ch Lanaken Moon Shadow (IID)
Dam: Ch Lumineux Hells Bells x

My sincere condolences to Kiara's family

29th November 2013

RIP dearest Shirley Lumineux Summer Rain ~ owners D & S Horvath
12th December 2000 ~ 8th November 2013
Sire: Aust Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor)
Dam: Lumineux Hearts On Fire

My sincere condolences to your family and on the passing of your BSD brother Alfie......

relaxing at home

Lets Go!

RIP beautiful TC ~ Lumineux Steal ya Heart ~ owner Richard Thompson
8th February 2004 ~ 28th November 2013
Sire: Aust Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor)
Dam: Lumineux Hearts On Fire

My sincere condolences to TC's owners

17th November 2013

Updated Immunology page with Dr Dodds 2013 - 2014 Canine Vaccination Protocol

November 2013

photo taken at the Melbourne Royal Show 24th Sept 2010

RIP dear Ged, Boe Gediminas av Nangijala (Imp Norway)
14th December 2009 - 7th October 2013
(Sire: Boheme Balpoa x Dam: Aja Arissa Dakota)

Still shocked by Ged's sudden passing It has taken me a while to post this.
Ged lived with and was adored by Margaret, Edmund, Angella & Harry, who are devastated by his sudden passing after a brief illness. My heart aches for their loss, for Emte (his breeder) and Merete (his carer before he left Norway), his life was short but full in many ways, enriched by play and learning and by the love and care of his family who are grieving.....

November 2013

Updates and/or new photos added to the following pages

Lumineux Bewitched owner Lumineux

Ch Lumineux Raven Heart owner Lumineux

Ch Lumineux Great Southern Wolf owner Lumineux

Belengere Blue Velvet owner Lumineux

Lumineux Tango owner Lumineux

Lumineux Clair de Lune owner Lumineux

Lumineux Good as Gold owner Annette

Lumineux Wood Hawk owner Annette

Lumineux Just One Wish (deceased) was owned by Ron,Lois,Troy

Lumineux After The Storm (deceased) was owned by Ron,Lois,Troy

October 2013

New photos of Vlad Lumineux Black Heart ~ taken when we met him again in Sept 2013 in NSW

New photos of Quinta NZ Ch Lumineux Morgan le Fay ~ thanks Marianne

Our dogs results from the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty Show 14th Sept 2013, Judge Marie-France Varlet (France)


2nd Exc Open Dog - Ch Lumineux Great Southern Wolf owner Lumineux (new photos added to page)

1st Exc Open Bitch & Res CC - Belengere Blue Velvet owner Lumineux (new photos added to page)


2nd Exc Veteran Dog 7-10 years - Lumineux Tango owner Lumineux (new photos added to page)

2nd VP Baby Puppy Bitch Class - Bellshill Coast Guard (Imp NZL) owner Lumineux

1st VP Minor Puppy Bitch - Bellshill Jylland (Imp NZL) owner Lumineux

1st Exc Intermediate Bitch - Lumineux Clair de Lune owner Lumineux (new photos added to page)

August 2013


RIP dearest Jazz Lumineux Mystry Jezebel ~ owned by A & T Parry
26th August 2002 ~ 14th August 2013
Sire Lumineux Cast A Spell x Dam Aust Ch Lumineux Beautiful Girl

Joining your mum Belle and dad Magic at the rainbow bridge......

July 2013

Lumineux After The Storm
photo of Storm as a baby

RIP dear Storm ~ Lumineux After The Storm ~ owners R .L. & T Macris
20th Nov 2002 ~ 31st July 2013
Sire: Aust Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Norway) x Dam: Aust Ch Lumineux Hells Bells

May 2013

Very happy with Jett's hip and elbow results, at 8 1/2 years old Hips 2.2 Elbows 0.0

Lumineux Tango
Born 5th October 2004
Sire: Aust Ch Mirribandi Uncovered CD
Dam: Lumineux Play With Fire

April 2013

RIP Magic Lumineux Cast A Spell ~ owner Lumineux
Born 5 June 2000 ~ 3rd April 2013
Sire:Aust Ch Fakaiser’s Ulrick d’ Unforgettable (Imp Nwy) x Dam: Aust Ch Lanaken Make A Wish (IID)

Dear sweet Magic, much loved and forever in the hearts of your two human mums and dads, your many doggie friends and because of your lovely nature the many other human friends you made.

Special thanks to Anne and Pete for making Magic's last months so special..........

March 2013

Thumbnail of P9163916.jpg

Thumbnail of P9163918.jpg

Wolf got the last points towards his Australian Championship Title on the 23rd March :)

Wolf is Lumineux Great Southern Wolf
Born 8th March 2011
Sire Ch Crimson van Moned (Imp Ndl)
Dam: Belengere Blue Velvet (AI)
Wolf lives with and is loved by my brother

Highlights along the way..........

Lang Lang Ag show Jan 2012, Judge Mr Glen Moore (Breed Specialist)
Best Intermediate In Group

Belgian Shepherd Dog club of Vic C/S 3rd Nov 2012, Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium)
1st Exc Intermediate Dog Class & Res Dog CC

Belgian Shepherd Dog club of NSW C/S 15th Sept 2012, Judge: Laura Vassallo (Italy)
1st Exc Intermediate Dog Class & Res Dog CC

Belgian Shepherd Dog club of Victoria C/S 29th Aug 2011, Judge: Mme P Stern-Hanf (Holland)
1st VP Minor Puppy Dog Class & Best Minor Puppy Tervuerenl Breeds Show

Feb 2013

Nikki ~ Beautiful inside and out, we had over 15 years and I treasure them all...........

RIP Aust Ch Lanaken Nicolette (certified therapy dog) ~ owner Lumineux
19th Oct 1997 ~ 23rd Feb 2013
Sire: Ulzar Des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg) x Dam: Tarielle Des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg)

You were much too young to go to the rainbow bridge, please everyone DO NOT put dogs on the back of open utes

RIP dear Apollo ~ Lumineux Circle of Life ~ owner Elizabeth Lindsay
9th Nov 2011 ~ 22nd Feb 2013
Dam: Lumineux Bewitched x Sire: Xanova Black Jack (Imp UK)

Feb 2013

Updates to some of the pages on my site due to some issues after a hosting change, so just a few changes throughout.
Have lot's of new photos of the pups from my last litters (who are over a year old now) to add to the site just lacking in time.

Jan 2013

RIP dear Keea
Lumineux Mannanan ~ owners R & M Parkes
9th Dec 2002 ~ 4th Jan 2013 (Stomach cancer)
Dam: Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah x Sire: Aust Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor)

FOREVER in my heart my gentle big baby boy

RIP Dylan Lebeau Forever Young (Imp UK) owned by myself & Kathryn Winton
30th June 2007 ~ 3rd Jan 2013 (suspected tiger snake bite)
Sire: Xanova Jeton Noir Avec Chatmar x Dam: Lebeau's American Beauty


2013 Calendar ~ Journeys with WolfCub by

About the photographer
"The primary focus of my work as a photographer has been my beautiful Belgian Shepherd
WolfCub, with whom I share a deep spiritual bond. My photographs have earned him a worldwide collection of admirers who embrace his heroic beauty, grace of movement and mystical spirit. WolfCub continues to be a source of strength and inspiration to me, as well as to his fans, who appreciate his unique qualities and the way his essence is captured in my photography."

A3 size printed on 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover and wire binding with hanger. The packaging is very sturdy, hard cardboard all around and the calendar is encased in plastic. It can be shipped anywhere in the world :-)

Click on the link and you can go and view each month's image and purchase:
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