last updated 4th November 2008

The SNAKES ARE OUT!!! No doubt due to the mild weather we've been having, we recommend you read and print the information on the following pages and keep it handy in case of emergency.

We learnt from our own sad loss a couple of years ago and now keep medication on hand (from Holistic animal). We have also used Shoosnake for the last few years around our sheds, dog runs and house and would now never be without it.


Shoosnake - ECO friendly Snake Repellent another way to help keep your pet safe in the hotter (snake) weather
DTP Sales, PO Box 305, Wurtulla. QLD. Australia. 4575. Tel: (07) 5493 9419, email:
We use this ourselves

Holistic Animal Medicines : Online Natural Pet Health Products and Medicines - SNAKE BITE
We have this on hand ourselves now

Stopsnakes - Electronic Snake Repeller we have not used this product ourselves as yet

This is also a good site to see pictures of the different kinds of snakes in Australia and around the world


Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia - SNAKE-PROOFING FENCES

Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia - Ticks, fleas, bees, flies, SNAKES & other gremlins! And how to deal with them!



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