Pretty girl - Oct 2003 (nearly 7 years old) 2nd Open Bitch BSDCV Specialty 2003


Sire: Aust Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK) Dam: Aust Ch Lumineux Burn For You

12th January 1997 ~ 1st October 2010

Hips 2.0 Elbows 0.0

Health Results/Scores

Owner Lumineux

Shine was a clever girl with a quick mind who was always up for and up to something :)

She loved her soft toys but almost always ripped the stuffing out, she also loved retrieving and catching tennis balls (this second was her party trick) the tennis balls didn't last long though. Shine could be a bit of a devil with strangers and I always had to watch her with visitors until she made up her mind whether or not she was going to let them have honour of patting her, needless to say she was an excellent guard dog.
She loved puppies and was my self appointed puppy helper, walker and puppy photo taking assistant.

Jan 2006 Shine was 9 years old this month, although you'd never know it to watch her, the little Grommit (as we liked to call her), was still full of mischief!

19th May 2010 Surgery for agressive MammaryTumor (diagnosis adenocarcinoma), vet recommended chest x-ray in 6 months as it is the type of cancer most likely to spread to the chest.

Oct 2010 Shine hadn't been herself for a few weeks, she became lethargic and wasn't eating much and I was concerned that the cancer had spread into her chest or stomach as the vet had mentioned it might, rather than wait the extra few weeks for her next schedueled check up we took her back to our vet. She had Xrays an ultrasound and blood tests which showed nothing, we chose not to put her through more tests or surgery so we took her home with some medication to hopefully help her become a bit more active and get her appetite going. She was much the same for the next week, then over a few days she deteriorated rapidly, leading to the decison I dread having to make....... I've lost another piece of my heart with your passing my beloved and special girl.....

Shine's memory will live on in her progeny, particularly with her cheeky little namesake (baby Shine) Lumineux Hellfire pictured together (below).

for Shine

Shine Jnr & Snr

Shine & Dazzle's pup,
she loved all puppies

May 2010

Shine's results from Belgian Shepherd Breed Specialties she attended
2nd Exc Veteran Bitch - BSDCV 2003 Judge: M Vermeire (Belgium)
4th Exc Open Bitch - BSDCV 2003 - Dr G Schaffner (Frn)
2nd Exc Open Bitch - I & SE BSDC NSW 2003 - Marie-France Varlet (Frn)
VG Aust Bred Bitch - BSDC NSW 2002 - Mr Anders Lyrholm (Swd)
3rd Exc Aust Bred Bitch - BSDCV 2001 - Benoit Thevenon (Frn)
2nd Exc Intermediate Bitch - BSDC NSW 1999 - Mr. E Desschans (Blg)
VG Intermediate Bitch - BSDC NSW 1998 - Mme Pauline Stern-Hanf (Hol)

Aren't I an Angel!

Soooo sweet and inocent!

I'm an Angel not a Devil !

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1st litter x Shadow   2nd litter x Ulrick   3rd litter x Diesel

BSDCV Specialty 2005 - photos P Barker

Nikki & Shine - I & SE BSDC NSW 2003 Specialty - photo by Paul Barker

BSDCV Specialty 2003 - photos by Paul Barker


I & SE BSDC NSW 2003 Specialty - photos by Paul Barker

This photo by J Lynch
courtesy of

Cute as a little bear in a rug :) ~ 18th May 2010 ~ 13.4 years

This is My water

7 years 10 months 7 years 10 months Little Angel What are you supossed to be - the Angel on the top of the Christmas Tree!?

Shine & son Zen
Dec 2004

November 2006 - 9 years 10 months

9th Nov 2004 - mths

Marnie is not convinced

Enjoying the sun

Shine, her mum
Flame & Ella
June '06

March '07 - 10 years 2 months

Christmas 2007

Sept '09 12.8years


28th Sept 2010 13.9years

Oct 2010



  Feb 2002, 5 years old & with pups

Shine with son Zen :)

Shine Dec 2000

Shine & sister Chant

Aren't I a good girl mum!

6 months and with her daddy Harley

8 weeks

8 weeks

2 years

2 years

Feb 2002

Oct 2003

Shine at two years

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