Lumineux Hells Bells


Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Vic Champ Show 29th Oct 2005
Judge: M Vermeire (Belgium)

2nd Veteran Bitch Class
9 years. Complete scissor bite, loss of pigmentation, short head which could have more stop. Skull a bit round, dark eyes, small eras which could be higher placed on the head. Good neck, good short back, good croup,. Chest well developed, turned out elbow. Well angulated front and the rear. Good coat texture but missing undercoat. In the movement - good in rear, but loose in elbows. Could cover more ground. Good tail. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. Nov 1st 2003
Judge: Dr G Schaffner (France)
4th Open Bitch Class
Scissor bite, complete dentition. Good size, good fur. Excellent facial expression. Medium size head, well chiselled and another black homozygote. Excellent hazel eyes, excellent ear, excellent reach of neck. Medium build. Slightly sloping croup. Shoulder and hindquarter angulation are just correct. Toes at the front a bit long, elbows out. Movement difficult to assess has trouble running. EXCELLENT

Illawarra South Eastern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show 25-26th Oct 2003
Judge Marie-France Varlet (France)
2nd Open Bitch Class
Scissor bite, complete dentition, medium size, good coat, expressive head, slightly plunging skull, stop slightly sloping, good straight muzzle, good pigmentation, medium triangular ears, good dark eye, good sweep of neck, the back could be a little straighter, correct angulations, sufficient bone, good movement, good tail, good temperament. EXCELLENT.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show. 3rd Aug 2002
Judge: Mr Anders Lyrholm (Sweden)
Australian Bred Bitch Class
Five and a half years. Very good type, feminine head with good proportions. Very well chiselled, stop ok. Medium brown eyes, medium sized ears, well carried, good neck, firm back, roaches over the loin. Sloping croup, angulation very good in front and rear. Good bone, pasterns and feet. Moves with restricted in gait in rear. Tail a bit short. Good coat and texture. Well presented. Very Good

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show 2001 - 3rd November 2001
Judge: Benoit Thevenon (Frn)
3rd Aust Bred Bitch Class
Full scissor bite, small model, Excellent head, excellent skull, stop and muzzle, excellent eye. Very good ear, well carried. Excellent parrallelism. Excellent built body, excellent topline, very good croup. Excellent chest. Excellent parrallel stance. God shoulders, very good hind angulation, very good feet. Narrow at the back when she moves. Excellent movement. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of N.S.W. Champ Show. Aug 1999
Judge Mr. E Desschans (Belgium)
2nd Intermediate Bitch Class
2.5 years, complete scissor bite, good general construction, good back and croup, good chest, enough angulatios, good neck, good stance, could be slightly more cheiselled under the eyes, brown eyes, good ears well set on, nice coat, good temperament, enough ground covering gait, slightly loose elbows, feet converge on the move. Excellent.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of N.S.W. Champ Show. Aug 1998
Mme Pauline Stern-Hanf (Holland)
Intermediate Bitch Class
Scissor bite, nice type bitch, eyes too light, medium long head, excellent small ears, like little more length in head. Good stop and parallelism for age. Good body, nice reach of neck. Bit straight in upper arm, has to develop in chest, good rear angulation. Bit skinny at moment. Doesn’t lack quality but has to mature. Close in rear, good side movement, good front. Friendly temperament. Good coat but not in condition. Very Good.