D.O.B. 8-4-95

Health Results/Scores

Sire: s.r. Phebus Des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg) x Dam: Aust Ch Lumineux Burn For You

Belle is the best friend a girl could have and a pleasure to take anywhere. She is happiest when she has my lap to crawl onto, or try to, as she’s not exactly lap dog size. If she can’t do that, then the next best thing is to lie down on an article of my clothing, so it’s not surprising to see a jumper etc disappearing out of the bedroom door at night.
Sept 2002 Update: Belle decided she was going to have puppies "no matter what" and organised it herself (with the help of Magic who was no doubt only too willing to comply). Their two little girls were born in August... much to my suprise!

December 2005: Belle hadn't been well for the last year and a half, she had quite a few health issues, including Spondylosis (spinal osteoarthritis), unfortunately she was unable to tolerate pain medication, or even many foods. Belle's health deteriorated rapidly over the last few weeks and on Tuesday 27th Dec 2005 Belle had a crisis and there was no choice other than to release her from her pain..... always such a good girl, a loving companion with a truly beautiful heart, never ever forgotten my beautiful Belle-Belle.... . girl of my heart.


Belle 8 yrs (right) and her mum Flame nearly 13 yrs and Belle 8 years old

proud mum Belle

Belle's daughters - Bella and Jez

Belle watching her pups play
Belle 7 yrs and her mum Flame nearly 12 yrs
9 years old 9 years old 9 years old 9 years old 9 years old 9 years old
Sleeping..... Sleeping... Belle still remembers how to show - 9 years old Flame Belle Trouble - May 2004 Flame Trouble Belle - May 2004


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