Kiama at 9 years old 9 years old


Sire: s.r. Phebus Des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg) - Dam: Aust Ch Lumineux Burn For You

8th April 1995 to 2nd April 2007

Health Results/Scores

owned by the Symes family


Kiama and her half brother "Blitz" Lumineux Hells Angel are much loved members of the Symes household. Whilst not usually shown I was able to take Kiama to the Victorian Belgian Specialty show in 1996 where she was graded Excellent by Breed Specialist Judges Mme Willemine van Deijl, her critique is below.

Kiama's first and only litter (the Lumineux P litter) produced some lovely puppies, this ilitter ncluded "Teagan" Lumineux Play With Fire, who stayed here with us. Teagan herself was only bred the once and she in turn produced a gorgeous litter of her own the Lumineux T litter (Kiama's grandpups) three of the pups became Australian Champions. Kiama's Grand daughter "Tani" Aust Ch Lumineux Tani was awarded RU Best of Breed, Res CC and Intermediate In Show at the recent Victorian Belgian Shephered club's 21st Aniversary Championshp Show (2007).

Kiama was diagnosed with cancer in January 2007, the vet warned she was only likely to have a couple of weeks left. Due to her owners care and love she was able to spend some extra time with them, almost making it to her 12th Brithday.

Further down the page you will find a beautiful poem dedication, selected by Kiama's family and a bit more about this special girl, written by Deb, a member of her family..........

Kiama and pal Blitz

Blitz and Kiama

Kiama 9yrs



Kiama and her brother and sister

Belle Kiama Panda

Kiama at 2 years old 

Kiama and Blitz (4mths)


Kiama & Sharna first meet

First Birthday


First day home &
meeting Bronson

4 months old

4 1/2 months old



Kiama 6 months old - with Sharna

4 1/2 months with Deb



Kiama's one and only Specialty show critique

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. Nov. 1996. Judge Mme Willemine van Deijl (Netherlands).
2nd Intermediate Bitch Class
Complete scissor bite, excellent type, short in body, medium long head not parallel, good stop, excellent dark eye well formed, slightly pronounced cheek bones, well set little ears, nice neck, well developed chest, good in standing, good bone, sloping croup, well angulated front and behind, good tail carriage, little kink in tail, moves well with drive, slightly loose in front. Qualification Excellent


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Aust Ch Lumineux Black Diamond Aust Ch Lumineux Beautiful Girl Aust Ch Lumineux Beautys Beast



8TH APRIL 1995 – 2ND APRIL 2007

Our beautiful Belgian Shepherd, Kiama, (pronounced Keyarma), her name picked from an “Adopt a Wolf” programme in America we were involved with at the time of her being chosen to become a part of our family.

“Kiama” was our first Belgian Shepherd, after years of having German Shepherds, and doing lots of research and reading, we were blessed with making contact with Helene from Lumineux Kennels, who allowed us to have one of her precious puppies from her beloved Belgian “Flame”

We had several interviews and showings and finally we were deemed fit and capable to be entrusted with one of these precious puppies. The day came when we were able to bring this precious ball of black fluff with the prettiest face into our home.

We nicknamed her “Miss Prissy” as she pranced and danced and held her head so high as though she was the best and oh so pretty and oh so perfect. Perfect she was, and what a beautiful girl in looks and disposition she was. Kiama should have been a showgirl and I believe as Helene did that she would have done well in the ring. We wanted a companion for our daughter to run with her on the beach and to be a shadow to her like her german shepherd had been.

A loyal companion she was from the day we bought her home till, the day we had to say our final goodbyes. All three of us held you tight that fateful afternoon, and whispered softly to go forth and chase the butterflies as you so loved to do. Unlike your male companion “Blitz” you never gave us any grief and you were always welcome back at Helene and Waynes for sleepovers on our many trips away. Kiama was the most loyal, affectionate dog and loved nothing more than cuddling up next to you or being on your lap, or laying at your feet and for this, she believed she had to be continually patted and stroked for giving you this affection. Her affection was only given to a priveledged few, and if she did not like you, she let you know it.

I miss you beside my bed at night, where you would lie beside me and lick my hand waiting for me to go to sleep and your wagging tail and welcome bark when I get home from work, I am still not used to you not being here and miss you so much. Throughout your sickness, you never whimpered, never sooked and anyone that met you could not believe you were so gravely ill, as you were still prancing and dancing around until that last night, and we knew then, it was time to say goodbye and to relieve you of your pain and let those loving and gentle eyes finally close and prance your way to Rainbow Bridge.

Miss you girl, keep prancing and dancing.

Deb, John, Sharna & AJ

When Is It Time?

When is it time to say goodbye,
To all the love I've known,
When is it time to end your pain,
And leave me all alone?

I've watched you on your good days when
I feel your strength renewed;
But shortly after little ups,
The down days then ensue.

We ride this roller-coaster of
Emotions as we try,
To make it through another day,
And yet, I can't deny ...

That as I look into your face
On days that have been bad,
I see a look that beckons me
It's tired, and hurt, and sad.

The little spark I used to see
Behind those loving eyes,
Is growing ever clouded
By life's cruel inhumane side.

I try to see beyond the pain
You feel with every step;
And softly whisper to myself
This may get better yet.

If I can bear to watch you
Just another day or two;
I justify my reasons to
Ensure I cling to you.

For letting go is harder for
The person left behind;
It means that if I let you go,
I cannot turn back time.

Back to the days I long for now,
When you were full of life;
And every day held promise,
And our futures, clear and bright.

But now the lights are darkening ...
We take it daily now;
I cannot see our futures clear
Or think beyond this cloud.

I think the hardest part in this
Is never knowing why,
I have to be courageous
And I have to say goodbye.

For if I let myself admit
It's time to let you go;
I'd have to face reality
Without you ... but I know ...

That soon I have to face the
Final outcome that I dread,
And holding on will only serve
To hurt you in the end.

You've given such unselfish love
For all our time in life,
But if I hold too tightly,
You'll not move t'ward the light ...

On to a better life, where you
Can once again be free,
Of all the pain and discomfort
That holds you here to me.

So if I find the courage just to say
This last farewell,
I hope you will forgive me for
The time it took me; still ...

I'll hold with me, the memories
That in my heart remain,
Pray one day, down the road a'ways
... They'll lesson my own pain.

(c) 2000 Kit McCallum
permission granted 30/04/07