12 years old 12 years old

Sire: s.r. Phebus Des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg) - Dam: Aust Ch Lumineux Burn For You

8th April 1995 to 15th March 2009

Health Results/Scores

Panda was a very attractive boy and he knew it. After he retired from the show ring he lived a relaxing life here at home mainly keeping his best friend Sheena company. One of his favourite pass times was at milking time at the dairy farm next door, where he got to play guard dog, barking at the kelpies rounding up the cows.

May 2007 - Took some photos of my beautiful boy, still looked good at 11 years old (even out of coat he had a massive coat). Although he'd slowed down a little (he still barked at the kelpeis next door and let me know if there were foxes around).

15th March 2009 Panda died in his sleep (cause unknown), have since wondered if if was due to snake bite?

My beautiful boy, now with your sisters Belle, Gem and Kiama........



young Panda at different ages


9 years 5 months


12 years 1 month


Pnda left, Sheena right

pictured with Sheena

12 years 1 month


Pedigree Shows Critiques


Aust Ch Lumineux Black Diamond

Lumineux Beloved

Aust Ch Lumineux Beautiful Girl



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