Melbourne Royal Show, Sept 1998 - Judge: Mrs P Gutierrez-Otero (Mexico)

1st Open Bitch Class


Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. Aug 1997. Judge Mme Heraly (Belgium)

Aust Bred Bitch Class

Complete dentition, scissor bite, medium height, medial line head, eyes little round and too light, ears good but too low on head, Good forehand, shoulder too straight, good topline, good rear angulation, Not in condition of coat, Good in movement, little curl in tail. (No gradings given at this show)

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. Nov 1997. Judge Mrs M. King (UK)

Aust Bred Bitch Class

2 years, scissor bite, medium head, lacks chiselling, eye round and medium, reluctant to use eras, nice outline, a little narrow in chest, a little upright in shoulder, good topline, sloping croup, good rear angulation, coat a little wavy, moves close behind and wide in front, side gait ok. Excellent.


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