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Hi everyone, I've begun the well overdue task of updating my website. I'm currently working on my "Previous Litters" page and require your help. Could I please ask everyone who has, or has owned one of my Belgians, to have a quick look when you have time and let me know of any discrepancies, or any health issues etc that I don't have listed.
You will find your dog here
Previous Litters - Litters are listed in order with most recent at the top, you can also search with your browser by your dogs name.If you have owned a Belgian bred by someone else, that I have rehomed with you, I would also like to hear of any health issues etc, With thanks, Helene
If you haven't been in contact lately, could you please let me know how you Belgian is going, or if they have passed on....


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A brief description

The name Belgian Shepherd Dog can refer to any of the four varieties of this breed: the Groenendael, the Laekenois, the Tervueren, or the Malinois.

In Australia the Belgian Shepherd Dog is classed as One Breed, which consists of Four Varieties; in some countries, they are considered a single breed. Structurally all four varieties are the same, differing only in coat and colour, all four varieties are intelligent dogs of the same general size and temperament.

The Groenendael - long haired black.
The Tervueren - long haired other than black. Colours range from grey through to fawn - varying in intensity, with black overlay and a black mask on the head.
The Malinois - short haired. Fawn with black overlay and black mask. (other colours such as grey and black, of which there are some, are not recognised in the breed standard).
The Laekenois - rough haired. Fawn with traces of black overlay mainly on the muzzle and tail.
* The 'mask' is defined as a strict minimum of eight points of pigmentation of the "phaners" this being both ears, the two top eye lids, the two top lips and the two bottom lips which must be black.
* All varieties may have a little white on the forechest and on the toes.

Note: They are sometimes born with short white/grey hairs on the front of the muzzle and or tip of the chin, which is called "frost" or "frosting". When two dogs of the same "variety" are bred, it is possible for puppies of different "varieties" to be in the same litter, depending on what genes for coat colour they carry. (An excellent book on the History, Genetics and Varieties is the BERGER BELGE ANTHOLOGY by Sally M. Perry & Adrienne A. Pagel)

Names they are known by overseas - Belgian Sheepdog - Belgian Tervuren - Berger Belge - Belgische Schäferhunde - Belgisk Fårehund - Belgische Herdershonde - Belgiske Hyrdehunde - Belgijskih Ovcara - Belgisk Vallhund - Belgianpaimenkoira - Pastor Belga - Groenendael - Laekenois - Malinois - Tervueren

The Belgian Shepherd Dog is also sometimes wrongly referred to as the Belgium Shepherd, if you have found this site by searching on this term you've already learned something important about the breed :)

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