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"Some days you're the dog; some days you're the hydrant." --Unknown

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Have updated many of the links and added pages specifically with Australian puppy owners in mind, still have some links to check

More info on these pages Medical Reference, Health etc

Books - on the Belgian Shepherd Dog and on Training - includes beginners to advanced & Competition

Breed - Info, Standard, Description, Puppy Manuals, FAQ, Health


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Clinical Animal Behavior Service - UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine


Puppy Testing (Tests used by breeders to evaluate puppies in a litter)

Volhard PUPPY APTITUDE TEST Revised January 2003

The PAWS© Working Dog Evaluation

Selecting a Working Puppy by Dori Painter

Puppy Testing for Guide Dogs by J.P. Scott, J.L. Fuller

Puppy Development stages - from birth upwards

Educating the Infant Puppy (Birth to Nine Weeks) by Grace L. Blair, M.D.

Puppy Development Schedule by Steve Courtney

Early Neurological Stimulation by Dr. Carmen Battaglia

Breeding Better Dogs website Dr. Carmen Battaglia


Training Establishments in Australia for HANDS ON HELP and ADVISE.

Should you take your puppy to Puppy Pre-Schools?
People are generally told this is important for socialisation, but many pre schools are conducted by well meaning but inexperienced Vet nurses or amateur Dog Trainers, it is not a natural occurence for puppies to socialise with other dogs not in their pack in strange environments and if they are allowed to be bullied by, or bully other puppies, which could cause a lot of damage to your puppy and be the start of behavioural problems in the future.

Please note I DO NOT condone the use of shock or prong collars under any circumstances!

K9 Pro, The K9 Professionals located in Kurrajong Heights, NSW Australia.
"Steve Courtney, Accredited Behaviourist, Obedience Trainer and Law Enforcement Dog Trainer, is recognised as one of the leading Dog Trainers and Behaviourists in this country. Steve travels throughout all states of Australia teaching dogs and their owners his unique self designed training methods.
Steve is both an Accredited Dog Trainer and Behaviourist with over 20 years experience. All of his training methods are designed to be both behaviourally sound and technically superior."

Puppy Training by AUSDOG "AUSDOG is a Melbourne based, government licensed professional dog training company owned and operated by John Harkin and Ian Bradnock.
John and Ian have a combined 48 years full time professional dog training experience and are well respected as professional trainers and behavioural modification specialists who know how to achieve the best results for their clients and their companion dogs.  
The company is dedicated to working with individuals and families to ensure that 'Mans best Friend' remains that way.   
AUSDOG believes that without clear and simple directions, your dog will become or remain confused and not behave in the manner you wish, despite wanting to please you."

Underdog Training and Behaviour Consulting is an award-winning Melbourne based dog training business, developed and run by qualified dog trainers Stuart Mulholland and Tamara Jackman. The services offered by Underdog aim to not just rehabilitate existing dogs, but to prevent problems in dogs through proper socialisation and training- of the owners as well as the dogs! We were the first dog training organisation to offer consultations aimed specifically at preventing problems between dogs and babies and children- these When Freddy Meets Fido sessions resulted in Tamara winning in the Telstra Women's Business Awards, Nokia Innovation Category 2009.

Command Dog Training School Melbourne based (selected locations) also Home Training Packages, Kindergarten Puppy Training - Basic, Intrmediate & Advanced Training - Private Tuition Obedience, Problem Dog & Temperamnet Assessment.

"Command Dog Training School (CDTS) is one of the largest andmost respected professional dog training companies in Melbourne. It is often recommended as the school of choice by veterinarians, local councils, pet shops and other pet industry businesses."


Training your new puppy

Some favourite WEB LINKS for training and behaviour resourses

Susan Garrett Dog Agility and please see Susan Garrett's Crate Games


Diamonds in the Ruff Training for Dogs and Their People, also on facebook


K9 Pro, The K9 Professionals

Free Downloads like The Triangle of Temptation and NILIF, Nothing in Life is Free! Steve Courtney

Distance Learning Packages like Raising your Puppy the RIGHT way

Steve's FREE ebook is available now


Leerburg ģ Dog Training Video is a small, family-owned business (USA). It has produced over 120 dog training videos since 1982. The owner, Ed Frawley, is one of the top breeders of working bloodline German Shepherd puppies in the world. He has bred over 350 litters of German Shepherds since 1978.
The web site has over 16,000 printed pages and is the largest dog training web site on the internet.
Leerburg Directory of Information on TRAINING PUPPIES is an excellent resource for puppy (and adult) training articles, eBooks, DVD's and Video on Demand (Over 440 Videos - 300 Free!)

Please note I DO NOT condone the use of shock or prong collars under any circumstances!


Featured blogs

May 15-21st is National Dog Bite Prevention Week so it’s a perfect week for a reminder.

Dog Bite Prevention: Dogs Bite When Humans Greet Inappropriately this article and more can be found on Dr. Yin's Animal Behavior and Medicine Blog

Dogs are not public property Dogs Are Not Public Property, groping a stranger’s dog is like groping a stranger’s wife - just NOT COOL. from Dogster's Dog Training Guide


A Dog's Needs - A letter from your dog and many other articles by by Pat Scott

Mind Games - Playing for Confidence and Compliance and other articles by M. Shirley Chong Excellent

Pet Eductaion,com Dog Article Library

Training Articles & Canine Personality Profile - by Wendy Volhard

Your New Puppy multiple articles from the Dog Owner's Guide

Puppy articles at SiriusDog

Dog Owner's Guide - online dog magazine

Kids and Dogs Safety Tip Sheet by Sheila Blythe-Saucier - Child Safety Consultant

Traveling by car or truck with pets
November 2012 - The above link was kindly suggested by Mia and sent to me by Beth from Pathway to Empowerment Youth Groups, Thanks Mia and Beth :)

Kitchen Safety for Pets
March 2013 - The above link was kindly suggested by the Girl Scouts from Denver, Colorado. Thanks Girls :)

Instinct and Normal Behaviour - Understanding Behaviour will help in Training

Canine Stress Signs - You need to know how to "read" your dog - by Pat Scott - Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Think Dog - Dogs think differently than we do - by Pat Scott - Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Management/Controlling your dogs environment - by Pat Scott - Certified Pet Dog Trainer

Body Language: A Clue He May Be Anxious *

How Dogs Think by William Campbell

Sensory, Emotional and Social Development of the Young Dog by Dr. JoŽl Dehasse

Managing a Multidog Household - by Theresa Mancuso

Pack Drive by Kathy Diamond Davis

Social Behaviour by Gary Patterson

Drives by Gary Patterson

Prey Behaviour by Gary Patterson

Defense Behaviour by Gary Patterson

When is a Growl Not a Growl? Growling versus Talking Dogs by Myrna Milani, BS, DVM

The Smiling Canine by Myrna Milani, BS, DVM which is what many Belgian do :)

Burying Bones

Why Dogs Bury Bones *

Denning is a Natural Instinct

Dog Behavior: An Evolutionary View


Eating Grass *

Why Dogs Eat Grass *


Why Dogs Lick Hands *

Lifting Legs to Urinate

Mounting Behavior *

Rolling in Smelly Things

Sense of Smell

Sensory, Emotional and Social Development of the Young Dog by Dr. JoŽl Dehasse

Shy Dogs Links Page

The Sense of Smell Influences Behavior

Wagging Tails *


Problem Behaviours (Read now - and avoid possible problems later)

Mind Games - Playing for Confidence and Compliance by M. Shirley Chong Excellent

Pat's "No Free Lunch" Program for Dogs  - Dog have an "attitude"? Here's how to get a little respect, By Pat Scott

Behavioral changes associated with thyroid dysfunction in dogs

Acral Lick Dermatitis/Granuloma

Calming Signals and Rresource Guarding

Aggression Due to Dominance

Barking: A Common Behavior Problem

Biting: Causes, Prevention, and Control

Dog Owner's guide: Dogs must be taught to not bite *

Puppies Biting *

Canine Stress Signs - You need to know how to "read" your dog, by Pat Scott

Car Sickness & Fear of Riding in Cars *

Chewing Behavior: How to control it *

Counter Cruising indoor sport, how to combat this favorite canine passtime -by Dea Jaffey.

Susan Garett's Crate Games

Desensitising Dogs to things like thunderstorms

Digging *

Digging - Do you want to keep your yard from looking like a minefield?, by Pat Scott

Fear of Thunderstorms and Noise Phobias *

Jumping Up on People *

Jumping Up - Inappropriate greeting behavior, by Pat Scott

Lawn Burn: The Cause & The Cure

Leash Pulling: How to prevent it

Mouthing - OUCH! Does your pup leave teeth marks on your hands from play? by Pat Scott

Separation Anxiety *

Separation Anxiety - Is your dog destructive in your absence?, by Pat Scott *

Stool Eating (Coprophagy)

Pica (Depraved Appetite)

Submissive Urination - Sometimes puddles on the rug have nothing to do with housetraining, by Pat Scott *

Submissive Urination, by Pat Scott

These Dog Trainers/Behaviourists have many excellent Publications & Resourses on their websites (also mentioned at top of page)

Leerburg's Dog Training Leerburg's 16000 pages of dog training informantion. 300 free dog training streaming videos, free eBooks, podcasts, by Ed Fralwy and Michael Ellis Excellent!!!!

K9 Pro, The K9 Professionals K9 Pro provides training and behavioural services by none other than Steve Courtney, who is recognised as one of the leading Dog Trainers and Behaviourists in this country. Excellent!!!!

Senior Dogs

Changes in Behavior Associated With Aging in Dogs

Older Dogs: Common Behavior Changes

Senility & Cognitive Dysfunction


General Puppy Care

Switching Your Pet to a New Food

New Principles of Immunology

Causes of Scratching and Licking

Canine allergies - pollen, fleas, dust mites, dog food etc - cause itchy skin

and don't forget some toys to give your pup/dog plenty to do when you aren't home

Toys, boredom relief, Dog Training Equipment and Supplies............

Vet n Pet Direct

VetStop Shop - toys

Halter Collars - the Gentle Leader & harness's are available from Beaupets Beaupets

Leerburg dog training supplies etc

K9 Pro dog training supplies etc

Air Dogs agilty equipment and dog training supplies

Black Dog Wear - Aus Leads Head Halters Collars Treat Pouch Bait Bags etc.... can't go wrong with that name!

AussieDog Products - environmental enrichment for dogs, horses and zoos

The Vet Shed pet products, toys etc

Vet Products Direct pet products, toys etc

Ozpets - Aus Direct - Aus pet products, toys etc

Ccrates Home Page & Shopping Site - Aus


More excellent articles can be found via the links below

Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia give you Links to the best Training articles & sites on the net! - Positive Solutions for Dog Training

ClickerSolutions and ClickerSolutions Training Articles Contents EXCELLENT resource for clicker training

Australian Canine Current Events - Training & Behaviour Links to many great articles and sites on Training

Tellington Touch is a method based on circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body. The intent of the TTouch is to activate the function of the cells and awaken cellular intelligence - a little like "turning on the electric lights of the body."

TRAINING & BEHAVIOR a Canine Authority International Andy "The Dog Man" Luper - Author of "Never Never Hit Your Dog"

M Written by veterinarian, consultant, teacher, and author Myrna Milani, this site is dedicated to furthering our understanding of animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond

Dr. P's Dog Training Library: Specific Training Issues

The Working Dogs Archive of Feature Articles


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