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Last updated Oct 2013

If you are seriously considering a Belgian Shepherd as a member of your family, the articles below should be extremely helpful to you and if you have a Belgian already, remember, you can never stop learning!

Note: Where Belgian Sheepdog is mentioned - it is the name the Groenendael variety is Known by in the USA



ABOUT BELGIANS ~ some of the BEST articles/resources AVAILABLE by experienced Belgian Breeders/Owners
Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's) about Belgians by & courtesy of Linda Gilbert McCarty Rolin Ridge Belgians
Belgian Sheepdog Club of America - Puppy Manual Comprehensive manual on the care of your BSD
Breed Information ~ BSDC of Great Britain web site" Questions to ask yourself before buying a Belgian Shepherd, FAQs about Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Living with your Belgian Shepherd Dog ...
Why a Belgian Sheepdog? by Maria Magnusson the pro's and con's of owning a BSD
Montage Puppy Notes  and Montage Puppy Notes 2  by & courtesy of Kathy Madden (Montage Tervuren) the excellent articles are a great New Puppy Survival Guide. Note: The xpens & accessories mentioned can also be purchased in Australia from vendors at dog shows and also online.
Love the reference and information regarding PUPPY SAFE ZONES and
SEPARATION ANXIETY in Belgian puppies (as Kathy expalins "This is a velcro breed designed to be the shepherd's constant companion. If left unaddressed this desire to be with you 24/7 can develop into an extreme problem down the road, so its best to get puppies used to being apart from you starting at an early age."
About the Breed in general - Excerpts from my interview for an Australian Dog Magazine
Breed Profile - General Breed Info/Description/Care - for prospective owners
Working with the Belgian Shepherd - by Karin Olsson Background/Purpose - well worth the read
Le Club Franšais du Chien de Berger Belge - The French Club
History - The Belgian Sheepdog in the USA History of Herding and Belgian Herding Dogs, Belgian Sheepdog Patriots, Belgians as Police Dogs
Belgian Shepherd Dog F.C.I. Standard No 15 dated 16/10/1989 Adopted in Australia 1/1/94 Translated by - Dr Pollet. Country of Origin - Belgium
Belgian Shepherd Dog F.C.I. Standard No 15 dated 19/04/2002 The latest version
History, Genealogy.and Genetics of the Belgian Shepherd Dog -
COAT COLOUR IN THE BSD - New findings based on DNA testing - DNA Testing, Lee Jiles and Libbye Miller DVM
A recap of Dr. Schmutz's molecular research on color in the Belgian Shepherd.
Judging the Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael) Belgian Sheepdog Club of Great Britain
Judging the Belgian Tervuren American Belgian Tervuren Club Illustrating the AKC standard pdf Excellent & easy to understand
ANKC Intervariety Breeding Policy
Have you ever bred a litter? (Breeders responsibilities)

Medical Reference, Health etc
Training Resources - from puppyhood to the more advanced training work
Books - on the Belgian Shepherd Dog and on Training - includes beginners to advanced & Competition
MAILING LISTS Last updated Jan 2009
Belg-L - Global Belgian Shepherd email list. All varieties.
To subscibe, leave the subject line blank and type SUBSCRIBE BELG-L in the body of the message. Do not type in anything else!
Yahoo! Groups : workingbelgians Yahoo group
Belgianmatters Australian Yahoo group includes mailing list
Naturalbelshep Yahoo group
PhotoBelg Yahoo group
Dr Ian Billinghurst “Author of "Give Your Dog a Bone” - Bones As Raw Food Diet, which we mostly feed our dogs, also lists Australian/Overseas distributors
Responsible Pet Ownership Program & Guide to nurturing the child pet relationship Department of Primary Industries Victoria, Australia

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