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Got a senior pet? this is an excellent aid for our Senior/incontinent companions Conni Critters Pet Pads

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If you have one of our dogs and haven't been in touch lately, please let us know how your Belgian is doing or if he/she has passed on.....

What's New 2018

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Happy 9th Birthday to Native Indian/Wolf litter
Born 15th Feb 2009 from Monet - Ch Mirribandi Mon Amour x Dylan - Lebeau Forever Young
Lumineux Wolf Wind "Sheba" Ms M Dauphin
Lumineux Wolf Song "Halo" M, A, E Poey
Lumineux Wolf Guide "Lionel" Mr B Greer
Lumineux Wolf Shadow "Shadow, Ms P Leister
Lumineux Wolf Heart "Kingston" Ms K Spence
Lumineux Wolf Quest "Charlie" Ms K Cribbes
Lumineux Wolf Spirit "Smokey" Mr D Coulson
Lumineux Wind Song "Piper" Ms K Cribbes
Lumineux Spirit Wolf "Flynn" Ms V Jones
Lumineux Symphony Joy"Symphony" Ms S Keyssecker

Dedicated to the families of the dogs below who have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Thankyou all for looking after my babies and giving them loving homes.

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