Left to right Judge Eric Desschans, Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah - BEST OF BREED, her breeder/handler Kathryn and the RUBest of Breed & handler Marnie's Trophies (mostly Perpetuals)

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show 30th July 2005

Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium) - Breed Specialist

GROENENDAELS (Owned/Bred by Lumineux)


Lumineux Titan (owned by Kate & Robyn McNamara)

1st Puppy Dog Class

Complete scissor, good square construction, with good back. Little sloping croup. Good chest for age. Straight in shoulder, but enough angulation in rear. Good neck. Well chiselled head with nice eyes, beautiful well set-on ears. Excellent expression. Like little more stop. Excellent temperament. Enough front covering but a little straight. EXCELLENT.



Mirribandi GryphonDream

1st Junior Dog Class

16 months - Good square construction - Complete scissor - Missing masculine expression but good back slightly sloping croup. Good neck. Little straight in shoulder. Good angulation in rear. Head enough chiselled. Good eyes and ears well set-on. Good expression. Missing stop. Good front - little open in rear - little nervous. Good movement with enough ground covering - missing a little drive. EXCELLENT.


Aust Ch Fakaisers Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor)

Open Dog Class

61/2 years. Complete scissor. Good size, little long with good back. Long croup, good bone. Missing neck. Good chest, enough angulation. Good coat, good parallel stance, liitle short in leg, head little broad and short with brown eyes. Head must be more chiselled. Nice ears - nice small ears but a little low set. Excellent temperament. Good movement, little loose in elbow. Very Good.


Lumineux Tia

Puppy Bitch Class

9 months. Just pincer bite and complate. Good construction, small dog with good neck, good back, good croup. Enough chest for age. Good parallel stance with nice cat feet. Head enough chiselled with good eye,  ears medium size well set-on. Good temperament. Good ground covering, crosses a little in front, coat little wavy. Very Good.


Aust Ch Lumineux Ebonye Starr (owned by Kate & Robyn McNamara)

Best Intermediate Groenendael

1st Exc - Intermediate Bitch Class

2 1/2 years. Complete scissor, good general construction, square with good back. Good croup, good chest, just enough angulation, enough neck, good parallel stance. Head is enough chiselled with good brown eyes, ears well set-on, little broad at the base. Execellent temperament. Nice coat, little narrow in rear movement, excellent ground covering. Moves well. EXCELLENT.


Aust Ch Lumineux After Dark

2nd Intermediate Bitch Class

2 1/2 years Complete scissor. Good square construction, good back, sloping croup. Tail set on too high, just enough angulation, Good chest, neck could be a little longer - a bit short. Parallel stance but a little open in rear. Head must be more chiselled under eyes. Eyes light in colour. Good ears, well set on. Nice temperament. Excellent ground covering but back rolls in movement, little loose in elbow. Very Good.



Lumineux Ebony Mist

Best Australian Bred Groenendael

1st Australian Bred Bitch Class

3 years. Complete pincer bite. Good general construction. Square with good back, slightly sloping croup. Chest could be deeper. Enough neck, enough angulation, good bone. Head is well chiselled with flat stop. Good eyes and nice ears, well set on. Good expression, moves well with enough ground covering. Little loose in elbows. EXCELLENT.


Aust Ch Lumineux A Fairytail (owned by Kate & Robyn McNamara)

Australian Bred Bitch Class

5 years. Complete scissor bite. Good size, square construction with good back, sloping croup, good chest, just enough angulation. Good stance with long feet. Head could be more chiselled under eyes. Eyes a little light, ears a little long and a little broad but well set-on. Flat stop. Good stop. Moves well. Execellent ground covering but back must be straighter. Very Good



Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah

Bitch CC - BEST OF BREED - Best Open Groenendael

1st Open Bitch Class

61/2 years. Excellent general construction. Good back, slightly sloping croup, good angulation. Chest must be a little deeper, enough neck, good bone, well chiselled head with nice eyes and beautiful small ears, well set on. Good expression. Nice coat, excellent temperament, flat stop. Excellent pigmentation. Moves very well with excellent ground covering. EXCELLENT





Mirribandi BurntSienna

2nd - Intermediate Bitch Class

3 years. Complete scissor bite. Good sqaure bitch with good back. Little sloping croup, chest could be deeper. Enough neck, enough angulation, good colour and good coat. Nice head. well chiselled, dark eyes, nice ears, well set-on. Insecure temperament. Good neck. Excellent expression. Moves well but little paddling and little loose in front. EXCELLENT.