January 2003

In the show ring - Oct 2003

  At home Jan 2003
8 months old

BSDCV Specialty 2003 photo by J Lynch
courtesy of

I &SE BSDC NSW Specialty 2006
photo courtesy Cath Clark

~ Lumineux Ebony Mist ~
Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah x Sire: Aust Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor)

Hips 1.2 Elbows 0.0

2nd May 2002 ~ 12th December 2014

Health Results/Scores


Misty is as pretty as her mum Marnie and like Marnie she has the sweetest nature. Misty has been to two shows now, with the following results - 1st baby puppy bitch class at the I&SEBSDC NSW Open Show and 1st Baby Puppy Bitch & Best Baby Puppy Groenendael the next day at the Belgian Specialty.

UPDATE; At Misty's third show - South Eastern KC Champ Show 10th Nov 2002 - she was Best Minor Puppy In Group!

Misty has been having a break while she grows back her coat, but made it to the two Specialties this year (results & critiques below).

Sparingly shown now - due to my lack of time, Misty made it to a couple more Specialties in last couple of years - results below........

December 2014

Misty was 12 1/2 when we had to suddenly say goodbye, she will be missed by all of us.

Fond memories of a loving and gentle girl......

Misty loved puppies, she was besotted with them, she'd get as close as our other girls would let her and would gaze longingly at them, it didn't matter that they weren't hers.....

Her latest "daughter" Calypso is missing her very much, Misty appointed herself Calypso's mum from the moment I brought Calypso home from the airport having come to us from New Zealand. She used to lie next to Calypso's puppy pen and "talk" to her. Even when Calypso grew bigger than her they'd lie down at night together and Misty would clean Calypso's face and ears and Calypso would roll over and paw at Misty :)

A beautiful and sweet girl from a long line of similarly kind natured Belgians, your daughter Raven is so much like you and has won many a heart and her progeny (your Grandkids) are following in your paw prints......


Belgian Shepherd Specialty Show Results;

Excellent Aust Bred Bitch Class - I & SE BSDC NSW 28 Oct 2006 - Judge: M Benoit Thevenon (Frn)

3rd Very Ggood Aust Bred Bitch Class - BSDCV 29th Oct 2005 - Judge: M Vermeire (Belgium)

1st Excellent Aust Bred Bitch Class, Best Aust Bred Groen - BSDC NSW 30th July 2005 - Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium)

2nd Excellent Junior Bitch Class - BSDCV 1st Nov 2003 - Judge: Dr G Schaffner (France)

3rd Excellent Junior Bitch Class - I & SE BSDC NSW 25-26th Oct 2003 - Judge: Marie-France Varlet (France)

1st Very Promising Baby Puppy Bitch & Best Baby Puppy Groenendael - I & SE BSDC NSW 20th Oct 2002. Judge: Ms A McLaren (UK)

Pedigree Results/Critiques

Click on photo below for Misty's 2014 Christmas Album
(my last photos of her, taken 7th Dec)

9th August 2014 ~ Beach visit with Velvet, Calypso & Diamond


March 2008


December 2008


December 2008

3 years and 10 months


1st Aust Bred Bitch and Best Aust Bred Groenendael

Misty BSDCV 29102005


BSDC NSW Specialty 2005

BSDCV Specialty 2005


All photos above by Paul Barker I & SE BSDC NSW Specialty 2003


BSDCV Specialty 2003 photos by Paul Barker

Best Baby Puppy Groenendael - Illawarra Belgian Champ Show Oct 2002 Best Baby Puppy Groenendael - Illawarra Belgian Champ Show Oct 2002

I & SE BSDC NSW Specialty 2002
Photos by Paul Barker

17 months Misty and puppy friend April 2003 Misty and a friend April 2003 17 months

Oct 2003

At home - April 2003

Oct 2003

Jan 2003 Jan 2003 Jan 2003 Jan 2003

At home - Jan 2003

Misty at the I&SE BSDC Champ Show - Oct 2003

Misty - Illawarra Belgian Champ Show Oct 2002

Misty - Illawarra Belgian Champ Show Oct 2002

Misty - Illawarra Belgian Champ Show Oct 2002

Misty - Illawarra Belgian Champ Show Oct 2002

1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class & Best Baby Puppy Groenendael

I&SE BSDC of NSW Oct 2003
First photo by J Lynch, the rest by P Barker



Misty and mum Marnie cuddling






< Lace & Mist 10 wks >

< Lace & Mist (back) 10 wks >

Blue girl left, Pink girl centre.


Boy right - I think


Marnie & pups

Marnie & pups

Marnie & pups

All asleep!




2 weeks

First days

First days

Marnie & pups





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