Aust Champion

12th December 2000- 13th Feb 2015

Dam : Lumineux Hearts on Fire x Sire: CH Fakaisers's Ulrick D'Unforgettable (Imp Norway)

Named in honour of her Grandmother "Flame" Ch Lumineux Burn For You, Brat was born on the 12th of Dec 2000, ten years after "Flame" (21st Dec 1990).

Brat only needs the remaining 25 points required (must be gained after 12 months of age) but is having a break from the ring till she grows some coat back. She was recently placed 3rd in the Puppy Bitch Class at the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria's Championship Show - 3rd Nov 2001 - under Mr B Thevenon (France) in what he described as a very good class!

June 2004 - Brat is now an Australian Champion!

Hard to believe my Bratty is seven, still as cheeky as ever she still "pokes" anyone and everyone with that hard Belgian nose, in the hope of treats (leaving many an unsuspecting visitor feeling a tad bruised).

Feb 2015

We had to say goodbye to our special girl Brat on Friday, the final act of love isn't easy....

Each of our Belgians is unique in their own special way and Brat was no exception. She was always such a character, almost from birth (which is how she got her name).
Everyone that met her will remember her favourite party trick of The POKE! Brat perfected it and many an unsuspecting person was caught off guard ;) she even had my partner trained on command to give her biscuits from the biscuit tin with the poke :)

Brat was strong in so many ways, always a fighter she had cognitive dysfunction for the last couple of years and recovered from a severe case of canine vestibular disease last year.
Sadly she became very ill and although she tried to stay strong this was something she couldn't fight.

Back with your friends again Bratty and always in my heart




November 2001 - photo K Todd

November 2001 - photos Paul Barker

November 2001 - photos Paul Barker

November 2001

November 2006
5 years old

March 2007
6.3 years old

February 2008
7.2 years old

January 19th 2011
10 years old

3 yrs 9 mths - photo Paul Barker 3 yrs 9 mths - photo Paul Barker

3. 9 yrs old

3.10 yrs old

3. 9 yrs old

3. 11 yrs old



cute baby

did you call?





My sister & me with Mum

me and my sister - "Aren't we cute!"

We are 7 wks old here

Stop pushing will ya!


Baby photos Pedigree My sister

Best Junior In Group - West Gippsland KA, 9th Feb 2002, Judge Mr E Singer (Vic)

Multiple Best of Breed's & Challenges


Belgian Shepherd Dog Club Shows

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show - 10th June 2001
Judge: Miss J Cook (Vic)
1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class, Best Baby Groen, BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show - 3
rd November 2001
Judge: Benoit Thevenon (Frn)
3rd Puppy Bitch Class
Full scissor bite, very nice head, very good skull. Excellent stop and muzzle. Excellent eye, very good ears. very well carried. Good parrallelism. Very well built body. Excellent topline, good croup. Excellent underchest. Excellent parrallel stance. Shoulders slightly straight. Very good hind angulation. Correct movement. Very good movement. EXCELLENT


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