Lumineux Groenendaels

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# BELGIAN SHEPHERD - Breed Information - Standard - Puppy Manuals - Articles - FAQ - Health

# TRAINING - Resources from puppyhood to the more advanced training work

# BOOKS on the Belgian Shepherd Dog and on Training - includes beginners to advanced & Competition

# HEALTH, Informative & Educational Sites (some Belgian specific) - Medical Reference etc


Belgian Shepherd Breeders & Clubs Worldwide

EVENTS in Australia ~ Breed Specialty Shows, Obedience Trials, Fun days

Assistance Dogs ~ Some info on Australian Belgian Shepherds as Seeing Eye, Therapy Dogs

K9 Heroes ~ Avalanche, SAR, Police, War, Therapy & Service Belgian Shepherd dogs

Herding &  Belgian Shepherds

Australian & State Controlling Bodies, Animal Aid, Dog Community, Veterinary/Reproduction & Quarantine

Go shopping for you & your dog - Belgian Shepherd Goodies, Food & Vet Products Online, Clothing & Jewelry

Australia - Things to see, Australian Wildlife etc