Belgian Shepherds as Therapy & Assistance Dogs

Overseas, Belgian Shepherd Dogs have been used for many years as Therapy and Assistance Dogs for people with physical or sensory disabilities.

In Australia, being a relatively new breed (in comparison to many others), they have only recently been recognised as able to perform these tasks.

A few years ago Seeing Eye Dogs Australia included a small number of Belgian Shepherds (Groenendaels & Malinois) in their training program, to date two Groenendaels successfully completed training and were fully working Seeing Eye Dogs.

We are proud to have participated in this worthwhile project and feel privileged to have bred Seeing Eye Dog "Vicki".

Vicki and her half brother "Ulrick Jnr" the other successful Seeing Eye Dog, were both Sired by Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable, who we imported from Norway.





Seeing Eye Dog


Seeing Eye Dog

Lumineux Ebony Lace


Mirribandi Xtra Vision

Born 2nd May 2002


Born 10th April 2002

Vicki in her harness - Oct 2003

Jan 2004



Photos by Heather Beasley
courtesy Seeing Eye Dogs Australia


Photos courtesy owner/handler
Thanks Debra


Our Belgian Shepherd Therapy Dogs - Roxie, Gina and Nikki


Before the dawn of morning on a hillside soft and green I see a shadow in the mist and know she waits for me.

Certified Therapy Dog

Aust Ch Lanaken on the Wild Side

29th May 1998 - 29th Jan 2004



Certified Therapy Dog

Aust Ch Lanaken Make a Wish (IID)

26th May 1996 - 5th June 2005



Certified Therapy Dog

RUBISS Aust Ch Lanaken Nicolette

Born 19th Oct 1997



Modeling their jackets Nikki, Gina and Gina's son Tex