The following is a list of most of the books (in English) available on the breed

I have given the books I've read a star rating, the highest being five stars ***** this is my opinion only!

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Belgian Shepherd Dog ~ Jean-Marie Vanbutsele *****

Belgians From Start to Finished by Sallyann Comstock ~ the title says it all, EXCELLENT all round book on the breed *****

Working with the BELGIAN SHEPHERD by Karin Olsson ~ whilst not a book, this article is worth the read *****

Breed Compendium by Anders Lyrholm ~ I'm not sure if this is still available *****

Blueprint of the Belgian Shepherd Dog ~ Dr R Pollet *****

BERGER BELGE ANTHOLOGY ~ History, Genetics and Varieties by Sally M. Perry & Adrienne A. Pagel *****

The Belgian Shepherd Dog ~ J. Andrews & J. Cloutt, only avail from the Authors *****

The Belgian Sheepdog ~ by MargeTurnquist *****

The Complete Belgian Shepherd Dog ~ by Deborah Fleming ***

Your New Belgian Tervuren ~ American Belgian Tervuren Club. 1986 ****

Belgian Shepherd Dog and Its History (First, Second & Third Editions) - Erna Bossi *****

Belgian Tervuren (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) (Hardcover)

Belgian Sheepdog (Comprehensive Owners Guide) ~ by Robert Pollet

Belgian Shepherd (Pet love) (Hardcover) ~ by Robert Pollet

Belgian Tervuren ~ Moira Anderson-Allen

Complete Belgian Tervuren ~ American Belgian Tervuren Club; 1990

The Complete Belgian Tervuren ~ by Kay K. Maves

Belgian Annual ~ Hoflin

Belgian Sheepdogs ~ Frank E. Dykema * star rating

The Malinois ~ Jan Kaldenbach



AKC Belgian Malinois - Video

AKC Belgian Tervuren - Video

AKC Belgian Sheepdog - Video


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Training ~ Books, videos etc

Some of the books we've listed were recommended by fellow Belgian Shepherd enthusiaists
(Thank you to everyone that contributed to this list)


The Focused Puppy by Deborah Jones & Judy Keller

Karen Pryor Clicker Training - USA dog training info, books, videos, events

Don’t Shoot the Dog, by Karen Pryor Highly recommended!

The Other End of the Leash, by Patricia McConnell Highly recommended!

Purely Positive Training, by Sheila Booth, is an excellent reference, and another of my favorites that I definitely recommend. 


Turid Rugaas

Calming Signals & Calming Signals, photos Highly recommended for everyone that has a dog

When, where and how do dogs sit? I highly recommended for everyone that has a dog and a great explanation of why we do not train the sit in our puppies!

Turid Rugaas Publications

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days, by Shirlee Kalstone

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They can also be sourced by typing the Title & Author into a search engine, or use this resourse to
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Disclaimer - I have not read all these books, some habe been recommended by friends who compete in these activities - I do not condone any form of punishment or negative reinforcement and hope that none of these contain such methods, if they do please let me know so I can remove them.

*Agility - Excelling at Dog Agility (Books 1,2,3) - Competitive Agility Training (3 Videos) by Jane Simmons-Moake - has the vote for the best books on agility.

*Obedience - The Power of Positive Dog Training for the basic concepts by Pat Miller

*Obedience - Building Blocks for Performance-Give your puppy a head start for competition by Bobbie Anderson with Tracy Libby (Covers foundation training for a puppy who will be going on to compete in obedience, agility, or other sports) "Just superb"

*Obedience - Purely Positive Training by Sheila Booth (Clicker training, beginners to more advanced training)

*Competition obedience - Steppin' Up to Success with Terri Arnold's (books 1,2, & 3) "Very detailed and well organized."

*Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act by Judy Byron & Adele Yunck "Exceptionally comprehensive and sensible. They have a good video on teaching the retrieve too."

Successful Obedience Handling: The New Best Foot Forward by Rt. Hon.Barbara Handler. "The companion video is also excellent."

Puppy Tracking Primer by Carolyn Krause

Competitive Obedience for Winners by Brian McGovern

Jumping from A to Z and Peak Performance: Coaching the Canine Athlete (2 books on canine athletics) by Dr. Christine Zink's

Dogs are Problem Solvers - Complete Obedience Training (video/book series) by Connie Cleveland

Agility Foundation Training video by Greg Derrett "Covers the importance of using play, focus on handler, solid stays, and handling ground work, slowly builds difficulty and distractions. The advantage of being a video, is seeing Greg interact with his dogs."

The Well Mannered Dog Clicker Training books, videos etc EXCELLENT (author is a Belgian Shepherd owner)

The Dog Whisperer by John Richardson & Leslye Sharon Cole is also an excellent read

Cheryl S Smith - Canine Behavior and Training Expert

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