"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"
~ Cicero ~


Tervueren & Groenendael puppies planned for late 2020


If you are on facebook and have one of our puppies, you might like to join our Lumineux Belgians group - Please either email me or send a friend request to my fb page
A place to interact with us or chat to other owners of our Belgian Shepherds and some of our lovely friends with Belgians.
It's an excellent way to keep in touch and to share information, ask questions and share photos of your dogs, you can particopate as much or as little as you like, but the option is always there :)

Australian National Kennel Council Ltd Registered Breeder Check our prefix is Lumineux, our membership number is 3008828920

To check if a breeder is a registered ANKC breeder, simply enter their breeder's prefix or membership number.

The Pet Exchange Register allows you to check the validity of a source number Access the Pet Exchange Register our source number is RB111402

Any person or business advertising to sell or give away a dog, cat, puppy or kitten in Victoria needs to be enrolled on the Pet Exchange Register, and include their source number along with the individual animal’s microchip number in all advertisements.

It is an offence to advertise a dog or cat for sale or to give away unless the advertisement includes both * the individual animal’s microchip number * a source number generated by the Pet Exchange Register.


Puppy plans for 2020

Our last litter was born in July 2016, I then decided (for a number of reasons) I would no longer breed any more litters, I have since changed my mind and hope to have another couple of litters in the future.

2020 came and everything changed ~ I had plans for a litter earlier this year, but made the decision not to breed any of my girls for the time being based on the current situation and restrictions in Australia and around the world.

Puppies need to be socialized adequately and that hasn't been able to happen. I also took vet visits into consideration, puppies should have their owners with them when visiting the vet for check ups and vaccinations and I notice many vets are not allowing this.

Lastly, many people were/are facing financial difficulties and may not be able to care for their puppies adequately, there was also difficulty with transporting puppies - especially interstate.

NOTE: As most of Australia reduces restriction levels, we have made the decision to proceed with our puppy plans - further details to come........


Please read the information below before enquiring about one of our pups.

Lumineux puppies are ONLY available to homes where they will be much loved members of the family, we do not breed protection dogs.

All of our pups are sold on the condition that they be returned to us if their owners can no longer care for them them.

Preference will be given to people who have had one of our pups previously, more info about our pups below.

Before enquiring

IMPORTANT: If you haven't owned a Belgian Shepherd before, please do some research about the breed before enquiring about one, these are active dogs and require exercise and mental stimulation.

They are not a dog you can just leave in your backyard, they need to be part of the family, as does any dog for that matter.

If you scroll down the page, you will find links to breed info and resources. When enquiring it would be helpful if you could provide some information about yourself, lifestyle, other dogs, other animals, kids, what you're looking for (a family companion, show, obedience, herding or other performance prospect) and whether you have owned a Belgian before.

Our puppies

Our puppies are born and raised in our house and are lovingly handled from birth (early handling is an important first step in getting them used to people and being held).
The puppies spend their first weeks inside our home, then they are gradually introduced and acclimatised to the outdoors, time spent outdoors is dependant on their age and the weather.

Much importance is placed on producing pups with biddable characters suitable for family homes, we try to match the right pup to the right home which is one of the reasons we ask prospective puppy owners to provide as much info about themselves and lifestyle as possible when enquiring about our pups.

We feed a combination of premium dry food and a raw diet.


In regards to desexing, we don't insist our pet puppies are desexed prior to leaving us as some breeders do because we believe they need to mature (mind and body), it's also too young to risk them being under anaesthesia needlessly - Belgians are sensitive to anaesthesia.

With our previous litters, new owners had to sign an agreement which stated bitches must be desexed prior to 10 months of age and males prior to 1 year, based on the most recent health info in regards to desexing this is under review.

Note: We have recently been researching ovary sparing speys for females and tubal ligation for males, this should negate any future issues caused by loss of hormones, this seems to be the way to go for the future.

References Effects of Spay/ Neuter on Orthopedic Disease and Cancer in Dogs and Assisting Decision-Making on Age of Neutering for 35 Breeds of Dogs: Associated Joint Disorders, Cancers, and Urinary Incontinence

These MUST READ pages should be printed out and given to every Belgian owners veterinarian, please don't disregard this info as BSD's still needlessly die under anesthetic when undergoing the simplest procdeures.

Belgians and Anesthetic by Libbye Miller DVM and Basic facts of Anesthesia by Michael J Kibelbek ready to print

Veterinary Notes on the Belgian Breeds pdf flyer to print and hand out

Show/Breeding prospects

An explanation of being able to be bred - we don't sell puppies "for breeding"

When we sell a pup as a show prospect, it is then that the pup is considered as "able to be bred" (and this is as long as the dog has passed all of it's health tests), otherwise the puppy is regsitered on the limit register and can only be bred from if he'she is upgraded to the main register, with our agreement. Show/breeding prospects are more expensive than companion (limit register) puppies as we are basically handing over our painstakingly researched breeding lines.

However, we very rarely sell our pups to show/breeding homes, usually only to someone we know, or someone known by one of our friends or previous puppy owners (references from other Belgian Shepherd owners or breeers will be considered)

Leaving for new homes

The puppies are registered with Dogs Victoria, they are vet checked, wormed, have their first vaccination and are micro-chipped before leaving us.
We provide puppy packs (which include info booklets, food, samples etc) to our new puppy owners and each puppy will have complimentary 6 weeks puppy insurance.



The Breeder

I love my little puppy; she makes my house a home. 
She is my sweetest little friend; I never feel alone.         
She makes me smile; She makes me laugh;
She fills my heart with  love. 
Did some person breed her, or did she just fall from above?         

I've never been a breeder, never seen life through their eyes; 
I hold my little puppy and just sit and criticize.         
I've never known their anguish; I've never felt their pain, 
the caring of their charges, through snow or wind or rain.           

I've never waited the whole night through for babies to be born, 
The stress and trepidation when they're still not there by morn.         
The weight of responsibility for this body in my hands, 
This darling little baby, who weighs but 60 grams.               

Should you do that instead of this . . . or maybe that was wrong? 
Alone you fight and hope, one day, he'll grow up proud and strong.        
You pray he'll live to bring great joy to someone else's home. 
You know it's all just up to you; you'll fight this fight alone.          

Formula, bottles, heating pads, you've got to get this right, 
two-hour feedings for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night.        
Within your heart you dread that you will surely lose this fight, 
To save this little baby, but God willing . . . you just  MIGHT.        

Day one; he's in there fighting; you say a silent prayer. 
Day two & three, he's doing well, with lots of love and care.        
Day four & five . . . he's still alive; your hopes soar to the heavens.        
Day six he slips away again, dies in your hands, day seven.       
You take this little angel, and bury him alone. 
With aching heart and burning tears, and an exhausted groan,        
You ask yourself, "Why do this? . . . Why suffer through this pain?" 
Yet watch the joy your puppies bring, and everything's explained.           

So, when you think of breeders and label them with "Greed," 
Think of all that they endure to fill another's need.        
For when you buy your puppy, with your precious dollars part, 
You only pay with money. . . while they pay with all their heart.          

~ Author Unknown ~