Pictured here are some of my Belgian friends, dogs I have used for breeding and dogs I admire.
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Jett - Lanaken On The Dark Side, owner Lumineux Knls

Uzzi - Aust Ch Uzzi van de Hoge Laer (Imp Blg) - owners K Clarke & G Sharko

Kayla - Tankarla Manitukala was owned by Lumineux now H VanderKroft

Paco - Ch Corsini Lysander (Imp UK) - owners C Hrymek & L Kane


Gunner - Aust Ch Niavana Jump the Gun (Imp UK) - owner Jan Carroll

Terra - Castelle All Fired Up - was owned by Lumineux now W Vincent

Velvet - Aust Ch Glencarr Black Velvet - was owned by Lumineux/Graebelge - now Peter Walker

Luke - Aust Ch Belwarra Holy Smoke - owner Jan Carroll


photo Gary Roberts

Bella - Lanaken Memphis Belle - was owned by Lanaken now?

Giselle - Aust Ch Lanaken Night Music - owned by M & P Watson when taken

Fagan - Aust Ch Leircote Diaghilev - owner G Carroll


(Fairy) Brandi - Bejekali Elegant Belle - owner K & S Houston

Montanna - Aust Ch Anoblir Shumanito Tanka - owner K & S Houston

Texan - Aust Ch Tankarla Marnehantardi - owner K & S Houston

Shadow - Aust Ch Lanaken Moon Shadow (IID) - owner Jan Carroll


Chelsea - Weedram Lady O The Manor - owner Sandra Nichols

Jazz - Aust Ch Lanaken Magic At Midnite (IID) - owner K Todd

Buster - Aust Ch Weedram Kadok du Bessen - owner Fay Philp

Terven - Lanaken Night Hawk - owner Lanaken Knls


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