Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria's Specialty Show, 1st November 2008
Judge: Marion Ten Cate (Netherlands)

Gryphon ~ Mirribandi GryphonDream Res CC Dog

Mirribandi Celebration 1st VP Baby Puppy Dog ~ co-owned Helene (Lumineux) and Kathryn (Mirribandi)
Aust Ch Lumineux Black Night 2nd Exc Intermediate Dog Class ~ owner Edmund Poey
Mirribandi GryphonDream 1st Exc Aus Bred Dog Class & Res CC ~ owner Lumineux
Lumineux RavenHeart 2nd VP Baby Bitch Class ~ owner Lumineux
Mirribandi Cherish 3rd VP Baby Bitch Class ~ owner Lumineux
B Vie
Lumineux Believe In Me 2nd Exc Junior Bitch Class ~ owner Lumineux
Aust Ch Lumineux Tani 2nd Exc Aust Bred Bitch Class ~ owner Paul Barker
Belengere Blue Velvet 1st VP Baby Puppy Bitch & Best Baby Tervueren ~ owner Lumineux
Aust Ch Mirribandi BurntSienna 3rd Exc Open Bitch ~ owner Lumineux


Belengere Blue Velvet ~ owner Lumineux
1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class, Best Baby Puppy Tervueren
3 1/2 months, excellent in breed type, feminine bitch with strong long well chiselled head, very expressive, stop could be better defined, flat skull, nice almond shaped ayes, good pigment, beautiful triangular shaped highset ears, nice arched neck, nice angulation both ends, strong body, moves with drive, could learn to reach in front. Overall a nice pretty picture. Very Promising.


Aust Ch Mirribandi BurntSienna ~ owner Lumineux
3rd Open Bitch Class
Full scissor bite, elegant feminine bitch with long chiselled head, eyes are rather small, very slight in stop, flat skull, highset ears medium length, nice angulation both ends, square in body, rather sloping in croup, when she moves she tends to over reach, well presented. Excellent.


Mirribandi Celebration ~ owner Helene (Lumineux) and Kathryn (Mirribandi)
2nd Baby Puppy Dog Class
Full scissor bite, 5 months, nice typical puppy within the square. Long well chiselled head not completely parallel yet, slightly Roman nosed, almond shaped eyes, good pigment, high set ears – medium length could be little bit more triangular, enough reach of neck, good shoulder, slightly steep in upper arm, strong back, nice underline, bit too sloping in croup, well angulated behind, moves ? for a puppy tends to hackney slightly in front. Lovely temperament for his age, nice coat fitting bone ? ? feet. Very Promising.


Mirribandi GryphonDream ~ owner Lumineux
1st Australian Bred Dog Class, Res CC, Best Aus Bred Groenendael
Scissor bite complete - could be cleaner, nice medium size masculine dog with a long expressive head, well chiselled but lips should be tighter, good defined stop, flat skull, parallel, well set ears with good shape, arched neck, moderate angulated both ends, square body slightly steep in croup, balanced when moving, good drive medium reach, nice fitting coat although he is out of coat, nice elegant silhouette. Excellent.


Aust Ch Lumineux Black Night ~ owner E Poey
2nd Intermediate Dog Class
Full level bite, up to size masculine dog, nice shape. High set withers, could have a little bit more elegance in head, it is long and lean with a well defined stop. Muzzle is not straight, slightly Roman nose. Good medium brown almond shaped eyes. Ears a little bit wide set, medium length and could be higher set. Nice arched neck, well angulated both ends, square in body. Strong body for age. Moves co-ordinated, good stride and drive. Excellent


Lumineux RavenHeart owner Lumineux
2nd Baby Puppy Bitch Class
5 months, nice short in body, lovely straight front legs, long well chiselled head, expressive, excellent pigment, full dentition, scissor bite, well split mouth, not yet parallel, medium length ears highset would like more triangular shape, arched neck, well angulated both ends, straight back, well defined underline, slightly sloping croup, moves with plenty of stride and drive, nice puppy. Very promising.


Mirribandi Cherish ~ owner Lumineux
3rd Baby Puppy Bitch Class
Nice & square elegant feminine bitch, nice long head well chiselled, slight stop flat skull, not entirely parallel at this moment, highset medium length ears, lovely cat feet, square in body, straight back, well defined underline, well angulated both ends, on the move needs to settle down a bit, deep black coat. Very promising.


Lumineux Believe In Me ~ owner Lumineux
2nd Junior Bitch Class
13 months, full scissor bite, nice clean teeth, elegant feminine bitch, nice breed type, long elegant head, would prefer a bit more chiselling under eye, not parallel at this moment, high set medium length of ears, almond shaped eyes, nice arched neck, square body, well defined underline, straight back, well angulated behind, moves with plenty of drive, could stride a bit better in front, coat will be intense black in time. Excellent.


Aust Ch Lumineux Tani ~ owner Paul Barker
2nd Australian Bred Bitch Class
4 years feminine bitch, full scissor bite, nice overall balanced bitch, with lovely head, long well chiselled flat skull, medium brown eyes, good parallels, high set nice triangular shaped ears, pigment OK nice balanced angulation, strong in body, slightly sloping croup, moves with plenty of drive & stride, excellent Bitch. Excellent.