photo by K Todd



Sire: Aust Ch Leircote Diaghilev (Imp UK) -Dam: Aust Ch Lumineux Burn ForYou

15th May 1993 - 28th Dec 2008

Health Results/Scores

owner Lumineux


Sparky has been shown and dabbled in obedience, not getting as far as trialing due to Wayne's laziness!
Now retired, in his younger days Sparky did very well at Belgian Shepherd Specialty shows and was been graded excellent by the following European Specilist judges, Mme. M Berton-Sarlat (France), Mme Willemine van Dejil (Netherlands), Mrs M King (UK), Mr N Deschuymere (Belgium), Mr E Desschans (Belgium) - Excellent Minus, Mme Meraly (Belgium), Mr. Benoit Thevenon (Frn).

Update - Feb 2003. Sparky came out of retirement to make a special appearance in the ring at the Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo, where he was awarded BEST OF BREED - three months away from his TENTH Birthday!

Update - March 2007, Sparky is now very arthritic and has partial loss of hearing (due to age).

Sparky had a number of strokes and vestibular attacks this past year, the last one was just too much.
Goodbye our handsome man, Wayne's special boy........



Sparky wearing his coat on a cold (for this time of the year) day.
14th December 2008


Sparky 14 years old - sleepimg on the couch with his sister Shimmer


Sparky 2 months away from his 14th Birthday, pictured with his sister Shimmer and friend Starr


Sparky 13.1 years


A young Sparky



Pedigree Shows/Critiques


1st - Weedram Bessen The Witch 2nd - Weedram Bessen The Witch

Lumineux Sweetest Starr


Lumineux Fiery Sensation Lumineux Ice Fire Lumineux Spit Fire



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