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A big Thank You to everyone for keeping us up to date with photos and news.


The Boys

Jette - Lumineux Algar

  Algar: "Elf spear." English name composed of the Old English elements aelf "elf" and gar "spear"
  Jack - Lumineux Ahura Mazda
  Ahura Mazda: Gender: Masculine Usage: Near Eastern Mythology - Pronounced: a-HUWR-a MAZ-da. Means "lord of wisdom" in Avestan. In Persian mythology Ahura Mazda was the supreme creator, and the god of light, truth, and goodness.
The Girls

Bella - Lumineux Ariadne

  Ariadne: Greek myth name of the daughter of King Minos, meaning "utterly pure"
  Shakira - Lumineux Ayashe
  Ayashe:  Cheyenne name meaning "little one."
  Emmy - Lumineux Andraste Andine
  Andraste: Celtic myth name of a Briton goddess of victory, meaning "invincible."
  Andine: Is the name I had picked for the little girl from this litter who didn't make it, I added this to Emmy's name in her honour and so I would never forget her.