Myzchev Black Sapphire - Silver Girl

Sire: HJC HSCH Picasso de la Terre Sauvage CD AD JD ET (Imp Hun)

Dam: Aust Grand Ch Myzchev Angel N Disguise ET

Born 23rd October 2006

Health Results/Scores

owner C & C Gregory


Sapphire is one of two sisters we brought home with us from W.A. She is a gentle, loving girl who likes to play with her toys (especially the squeaky ones) and other good natured dogs. Like most Belgians, she loves water and has been known to paddle in her water dish, she quite likes her fruit too - usually straight off the tree - think she must have been watching the possums!

Although still young and full of Joie de Vivre, Sapphire, like her sister Eski has a loving nature and will make a wonderful companion for the right person or family.
A pleasure to look after since her arrival (she and her sister were in fact, two of the sweetest and least demanding pups we've had come to stay), when we're at work or doing other things, she is content to amuse herself playing with her toys, or her doggy playmates.

12th October 2007 ~ Sapphire now lives with Muscat Lumineux Lady Muscatelle and her family, we know she will have lots to see and do and be well loved, lucly girl!


Sapphire and Muscat
Sapphire and Muscat October 2007
and Sapphire on "her" bed
photos courtesy owners

"Pillow, what pillow!?"

Sapphire October. 2008

with best mate Muscat

and in "her" bed

The photos above are courtesy of Sapphire's owner

Click Here for my photos prior to Oct 2007

almost 10 months old

See my sister Eski (purple girl) HERE








photos courtesy P Barker



photos courtesy Myzchev & Mucius Belgians



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Sires pedigree

HJCH, HSCH, 3 x HPJ, HFGY, 6 x CAC, 4 x R.CACIB, R.CAC Ygrec de l`Ocre Noir HD-A

Ulsan de L`Ocre Noir HD-B

Theseus of the Two

Pak de l´Ouchenée
Neua of The Two

Quaren de L`Ocre Noir Belg. Winner 94

Engel du Domaine Ponti
Myrtie de l´Ocre Noir

Ulcia de L`Ocre Noir HD-A

Jaurés de la Douce Plaine

Elisa de la Douce Plaine

Myrtie de L`Ocre Noir

Int CH, VDH CH, NLCH, All CH,Suisse CH, R.E. Falk vom Nauenhof
IPO - 3, SchH3, FH2
Iola du Domaine des Noirs

Elsa Comme un Reve Noir HD-A

HCH. Ilot de la Douce Plaine IPO-1

Haudry de la Douce Plaine

E`Rick de la Douce Plaine
Borromee de Kiwani

Falbel de Kiwani

Briscar du Sart des Bois
Vixen Des Tilleuls de Combelles

ICH. Astra comme un Reve Noir HD-A

S.R. Othiz v`t Belgisch Schoon HD-B

Engel du Domaine Ponti
Honey Black V`t Belgisch Schoon

HCH, ICH, HJCH, F.Cl.Gy, HDGY, 7 x CACIB, 6 x HFGY, BOG Vörös Pimpernel Tosca HD-A, IPO-1

Int. Ch, Világ Gy, Bk.HCH, HPJ, 12xCAC, 8 x CACIB,  Sariff Mister vd Hoge Laer
HCH, Fiat.Világ Gy, 5xCAC, 2xCACIB, Slovak. Brat.Gy Doriead v Lanas`s Hof

Dams pedigree

Lanaken Orion Lutin de la Grande Lande (T) red Ares de la Clariere Aux Louves (T) grey Swan du Pays D'Astree (T) red
Thalie du Puits D'Ombrelle (T) red
Fara de la Grande Lande (T) red Duc Dobbe de la Douce Plaine G) black
Cannelle du Perigord Vert (G) black
L'Mistique de Condivicnum (T) red Isar du Royaume de Bucksye RE Carey du Bois du Tot
Chirga de Condivicnum
s.r Ch I Kiss You de Condivicnum (T) red Day Dream de Condivicnum (T) red
Feten de Condivicnum (T) red
Ch Lanaken N Midnite Starr Ulzar des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg) Aaron de Palaemon (Ndl) Engel du Domaine Ponti (Blg)
Yasz v't Belgisch Schoon
Isadora du Bois du Ponty (Frn) Foehn du Bois du Tot (Blg)
Ouadai Des Terres Bergerers (Blg)
Tarielle des Terres Bergeres (Imp Blg) Imhotep de Condivicnum (Frn) Day Dreem de Condivicnum (Frn) (T) red
Feten de Condivicnum (Frn)
Frn. Ch. Lux. Ch. Oshiwa des Terres Bergeres (Blg) Frn. Ch. Ulzar du Bois du Ponty (Frn)
Frn. Ch. Balagny de la Douce Plaine (Frn)