Belgian Shepherd Specialty Results

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Vic Specialty Show, 3rd Nov 2012. Judge: Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium)
1st Open Bitch class
4 years, complete pincer bite, Good general construction. Good back, Sloping croup. Good bone, Good chest. Good coat. Good neck. Good stance in front. Little open in rear. Head has enough chiselled. Enough mask. Little stop. Ears long and broad. Good dark eyes. Good temperament. Very good ground covering. Back not firm. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty Show, 31st July 2010, Judge: Pietro Bottagisio (Italy)
1st Intermediate Bitch class & Res CC
Female 2 years old complete level bite. Very Beautiful grey female of excellent type, beautiful long head, parallel planes, beautiful mack, elegant stop, excellent underjaw, dark and expressive eyes, excellent ears, well triangular in shape, perfent ear carriage, very beautiful expression, excellent neck, excellent withers topline and croupbalance angulation, excellent chest and forechest, excellent bone, long feet, excellent coat quality and dark overlay, close behind, excellent movement. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland Specialty Show, 6th June 2009, Judge: Amanda McLaren (UK)
3rd Junior Bitch class
Medium sized female. Grey with good overlay. Good overall type. Doesn't like being handled. Typical head, well masked. Excellent expression. Lacking chiselling under eye. Good overall body shape. Excellent reach of neck. Flat skull, good head planes. High set ears. Eye good colour. Excellent showmanship. Harmonious body. Shame about character as would have won class with ease. Good tail carriage. Moved well. EXCELLENT (-)

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Specialty Show, 1st November 2008, Judge: Marion Ten Cate (Netherlands)
1st Baby Puppy Bitch class & Best Baby Tervueren
3 months. Excellent in breed type. Feminine bitch with strong long well chiselled head, very expressive. Stop could be better defined, flat skull, nice almond shaped eyes, good pigment. Beautiful triangular shaped high set ears. Nice arched neck. Nice angulations both ends, strong body. Moves with drive. Could learn to reach in front. Overall a nice pretty picture. VERY PROMISING