Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. 30th July 2005

Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium)

Open Dog Class

Illawarra & South Eastern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show Oct 20th 2002
Judge: Ms A McLaren (UK)

Open Dog Class

4yrs old. Complete scissor bite.  Good size male, elegant construction, Medium length head, deep through from skull.  Forhead sloping forward, resulting in head planes not quite parrallel.  Almond eye, medium colour, Excellent ears, medium size, well set.  Well arched neck line, Good height at withers, good topline sloping croup.  Well angulated front and rear, good chest, Good bone & feet.  Excellent calm presentation.  Good side gait but tendency to drop a little at withers on move. Very Good 

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. 3rd Aug 2002

Judge: Mr Anders Lyrholm (Sweden)

3rd Open Dog Class

Four years. Excellent type, nice head and expression, well chiselled, stop ok, eyes a little light, good ears, well set, beautiful neck and topline, good croup. Good shoulder placement, very well angled front and rear. Good bone, pasterns and feet. Moves very well from all sides. Good coat and texture and well presented. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. 4th Aug 2001

Judge: Mme Heraly (Belgium)

Intermediate Dog Class

Complete dentition. Medium size. Medial line head with eyes too light. Very good ears, narrow in front. Feet too long. Good body. Good angulation in front and back but feet turn out in back. Good coat, little too red. Good expression. Movement - narrow in front, tail hooks, good reach. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. 4th Nov 2000

Judge: Mme. M. Berton-Sarlat (France) 

Intermediate Dog Class

Eighteen months. Full scissor bite, good size, moulting but presentable, medium size head, slightly narrow muzzle, medium size ears, well carried on a skull slightly large, high and sloping. Dark round eyes, slightly Roman nosed but not dry enough lips, Good neck line, silhouette harmonious, medium sized body, slightly sloping croup, chest needs more depth. Minimum angulation. Good bone, slightly cow-hocked, good stance. Very good watchful presentation. Narrow and paddles with the back. Tail a bit hooked. Narrow at the front. Very Good.