Belgian Shepherd Specialty Shows

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty Show 31st July 2010, Judge: Pietro Bottagisio (Italy)
1st Exc Intermediate Bitch class
2 year old - complete scissor bite, excellent size female, typical head of excellent expression, excellent head planes, elegant stop, roman nose, hazel eye almond shape, excellent ear carriage, but could be more triangular in shape. Good chiselling, lovely female, Good reach of neck, excellent withers, excellent topline, sloping croup, balanced angulation, excellent bone, correct feet. Good depth of chest, excellent forechest, excellent quality of coat, slightly close behind, typical movement. Excellent presentation excellent calibre. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty Show 31st Oct 2009 , Judge: Paul Lawless (Ireland)
2nd VG Jumior Bitch class
17 months. Correct bite. Lacks a little underjaw. Would prefer a darker eye.\par Skull falls away slightly. Ears are well placed. She has a good reach of neck. Good topline, but a touch long in the back. She stands a little crooked in front.\par She is just at an awkward age. Going through a gangly stage. She moves freely but a little bit loose in front. VERY GOOD

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of QLD Specialty Show 6th June 2009, Judge: Amanda McLaren (UK)
1st Exc Junior Bitch class
12 months. Complete scissor bite. Elegantly built bitch. High on leg. Square in outline. Coat in good\par condition though rather wavy. Excellent reach of neck. Good withers and top line. Well angulated. Chest sufficiently developed for age. Long head - typical. Ears high set, could be more triangular in shape. Excellent dark eye, good shape. Good length muzzle, typical expression. Good stop. Sufficiently chiselled under eye. Slightly lacking in underjaw. Little on thin side. Steady movement rather high stepping in front. Good tail carriage. Calm presentation. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Specialty Show 1st November 2008 , Judge: Marion Ten Cate (Netherlands)
2nd VP Baby Puppy Bitch class
5 months, nice short in body, lovely straight front legs, long well chiselled head, expressive, excellent pigment, full dentition, scissor bite, well split mouth, not yet parallel, medium length ears highset would like more triangular shape, arched neck, well angulated both ends, straight back, well defined underline, slightly sloping croup, moves with plenty of stride and drive, nice puppy. Very promising.