Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. Aug 1996.

Mme. M Berton-Sarlat (France)

RUNNER UP IN SHOW * BOB * 1st Intermediate Dog Class

Average height, rather fluffy coat, probably in moult. Very beautiful balanced head, extremely expressive and typical, very beautiful ears, very pointed, well carried. Good skull, very slightly round, good stop, good parallelism, excellent presentation and expression. Good construction, rather stocky body. Good musculature, loin well muscled. Strong without coarseness. Good dark eyes. Good reach of neck, if had slightly more would be perfect. Good back, slightly sloping croup. Good chest, good under line, good rear angulation, adequate shoulder, Good bone structure. Feet adequate. Excellent presentation and expression and typical Belgian gaze. Good gait but front legs not quite straight. Excellent.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. Nov 1996.

Mme Willemine van Dejil (Netherlands)

BEST IN SHOW * BOB * 1st Open Dog Class

Complete scissor bite, excellent type, very typical, well formed head, good stop, excellent eye, well shaped little ears, good neck, excellent coat texture, nice silhouette, very harmonious dog with great bone, good chest, good tail carriage, moves well. Qualification Excellent Plus

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. Aug 1997.

Mme Heraly (Belgium)

1st Open Dog Class

Complete dentition, pincer bite, medium height, good expression, medium head, nose is little Roman nosed, body is good, good topline, very good coat, good angulation, good in movement, narrow in front.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of N.S.W. Champ Show Nov 1998.

Pauline Stern-Hanf (Holland)

1st Open Dog Class

Entire, excellent type male, complete scissor. Excellent medium lomg head, nice chiselling, almond shaped eyes, excellent high set ears, excellent stop, good parallelism, excellent short body could have little more neck, good shoulder, bit straight in upper arm. Good chest, fluent topline, slightly sloping croup. Movement – could have little more drive in rear, slightly loose in front – in full coat, but a bit soft. Beautiful expression, dog with type and class. EXCELLENT.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW - Champ Show, 31st July 1999

Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium)

Res Dog CC - Best Open Groenendael * 1st Open Dog Class

6 years, complete just scissor bite, square construction, medium size,

good back, sloping croup, chest could be deeper, enough angulations, lacks substance, not masculine enough, slightly short neck, turns the left front foot out, good rear stance, the head is sufficiently chiselled, brown eyes, good eras well set on, skull is a little rounded, good temperament, moves well, slightly loose elbows. Excellent

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show 22nd April 2000

Judge: Mr F Aertgeerts (Blg)

Open Dog Class

7 year old male. Complete pincer bite. Medium long head well chiselled. Good parrallelism with light stop. Nice almond eyes. Little ears well placed. Good back with sloping croup. Good angulations front and rear. Feet could be more like cat feet. Good chest. Good coat. Good movement but close in front. Good compact body. Grade: Excellent.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show 24th April 2000

Judge: Ms M Vermeire (Blg)

Res CC Dog * 2nd Open Dog Class

7 years. Pincer bite, missing two incissors at bottom, good pigmentaion, nice head, could have a bit more stop, dark eyes, good ears, well placed, neck could be a bit longer, good back, good croup, tail could be a bit longer. Good chest, well angulated, feet in front could be bit shorter, nice type of dog. Good presentation. Very good character. Good undercoat, good texture of coat. Movement - narrow behind, a bit loose in front. Grade: Excellent.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. 4th Nov 2000

Mme. M. Berton-Sarlat (France) 

2nd Veteran Dog Class

Seven years, Full scissor bite, good condition, thick fur, starting to moult, good condition, good head, medium size, good chiselling, good ears, well carried on a skull that is slightly domed, dark eyes, good stop, good head planes, good neck line, and a good follow on of lines. Good top line, slightly sloping croup, good depth of chest, good rear angulation. Shoulders slightly straight, good bone, weak pasterns, squashed feet and open chest, Good presentation, watchful. Narrow at the back, well carried tail, slightly close at the front. Excellent.