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Belgian Specialty Shows

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria 20th oct 2005 - Judge: M Vermeire (Belgium)
1st Intermediate Bitch Class
Nearly 3 years. Complete scissor bite, good muzzle and flat skull. could have more stop. Eyes could be a bit darker. Small well set ears, could have more neck. Back a little weak and croup a bit sloping. Chest well developed, well angulated in front, could be more angulated in rear. Hindquarters a bit too much red in the coat. Narrow  in the rear movement, loose on front. Good tail. Back not straight. Very Good.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show 30th July 2005 - Judge: Mr E Desschans (Belgium) - Breed Specialist
2nd Intermediate Bitch Class
2 1/2 years Complete scissor. Good square construction, good back, sloping croup. Tail set on too high, just enough angulation, Good chest, neck could be a little longer - a bit short. Parallel stance but a little open in rear. Head must be more chiselled under eyes. Eyes light in colour. Good ears, well set on. Nice temperament. Excellent ground covering but back rolls in movement, little loose in elbow. Very Good.

Illawarra & South Eastern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. 26th March 2005. Judge: Mr J Luscott (UK)
2nd Intermediate Bitch Class
Good well balanced bitch. Nice lines, good through head and mouth split. Nice ear set. Good front, withers and croup. Good front structure, good body width. Excellent muscle. Lively. Good feet. Lacks a little coat. Exuberant. Moves OK front. Rear can carry the right leg. Moves OK on side. EXCELLENT.

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria, 1st Nov 2003 - Judge: Dr G Schaffner (France)
1st Puppy Bitch Class & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
Scissor bite, complete dentition. Good size, good fur but moulting. Alert temperament. Excellent facial expression. Excellent almond shaped hazel eyes and excellent ears, well carried and well set. Good reach of neck, medium build, already well developed. Excellent shoulder, which is very rare for the shoulder, and excellent hindquarters. Excellent bone, excellent stance. Very, very slightly sloping croup. Covers ground well. EXCELLENT

IIlawarra & South Eastern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales. 25-26th Oct 2003 - Judge: Marie-France Varlet (France)
1st Puppy Bitch Class & Best Groenendael Puppy
Scissor complete dentition, subject presented in good condition, medium size, good ears medium size, good coat, eyes could be darker, good head expression, head sloping, long stop, straight muzzle, pigmentation sufficient, already good construction, good topline and underline, sufficient angulation, good covering movement, good tail well carried good temperament. Very Promising.


All Breeds Show Results

5th July '03 - Victorian P & KC, Judge Mrs C Sheppard (VIC) CC (7pts) & RUBOB

12th July '03 - Junior KC, Judge Mrs L Stevens (ACT) CC (6pts), RUBOB & BEST MINOR PUPPY IN GROUP!

27th July '03 - Dandenong P & K, Judge Mrs C Mulcahy, Minor Puppy of Breed, CC, BOB (9pts)

9th August '03 - Metropolitan Canine Assoc, Judge Mr B Robertson (NSW), Minor Puppy of Breed, CC, BOB (8pts)

23rd August '03 - Lillydale KC, Judge Mrs S Monk (W.A.), Puppy of Breed, CC & RUBOB (8pts)

24th August '03 - KCC Park Show, Judge Mr W Burton (NSW), Puppy of Breed, CC (7pts) & RUBOB

13th Sept '03 - Belgrave Dist KC, Judge Mr D Windsor (Canada), Puppy of Breed, CC (6pts) & RUBOB

19th Sept '03 - Melbourne Royal. Puppy of Breed

29th Nov 2003 - Garden State KC, Judge Mrs P Davis (NSW) - CC Bitch (6), RUBOB & Junior of Breed

7th Dec 2003 - Bass Valley KC, Mrs L Shanahan (NSW) - CC (6) RUBOB & Junior of Breed

3rd Jan 2004 - Central Gippsland KC, Judge Mrs C Rafton (NSW) - CC, BOB (7) & Junior of Breed

17th Jan 2004 - Lang Lang A P & H Society Inc, Judge Mrs S Rickard (Vic) - CC (6)

25th Jan 2003 - Cranbourne Dog Club Inc, Judge Mr S Hubbell (USA) - CC (6), RUBOB

1st Feb 2004 - Expo Dog Show, Judge Ms A Cowin (NSW) CC (6) RUBOB

3rd April 2004- Bunyip & Dist KC, Judge Mrs B Marsh - CC (6) RUBOB Junior of Breed

11th April 2004 - Easter Festival KC, Judge Mr M Le Cussan (NSW) - CC (8), RUBOB Junior of Breed