Show Results so far............

1st MP CC (7pts) - Easter Festival KC 21st March 2008, Judge: Mr W Mooney (Vic)
1st MP CC (8pts) RUBOB - Easter Festival KC 22nd Marrch 2008, Judge: Mr J Connell (Tas)
CC (9pts) & BOB - Southern Cross K.C. 25.10.09 - Judge Mr N Wood (Qld)
CC (8pts), RU Best of Breed - I6th Jan 2010, Lang Lang P A & H Soc Inc, Judge Mr C Talbot
CC (9pts) & Best of Breed - 2nd Jan 2010 Central Gippsland Kennel Club, Judge Mrs N Zimmerle (Qld)
CC (8pts), RU Best of Breed - 10th Jan 2010 Yarra Ranges KC Inc, Judge Col Ray (Pak)
and some more I' might get round to updating, last points for Ch Title 1st Jan 2011


Specialty show Critiques.............

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Specialty Show 31st July 2010, Judge: Pietro Bottagisio (Italy)
2nd Exc Intermediate Bitch Class

2 year old female, lovely female, very expressive excellent long head, excellent head planes sloping skull, pnched nose, lacking power, could ber better chiselled, Lack lips under nose, excellent ear carriage, good reach of neck, very good withers and topline but long loin, excellent croup, balanced angulation, excellent bone, long feet, excelent side gait. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Specialty Show, 31st October 2009, Judge: Mr P Lawless (Ireland)
1st Exc Intermediate Bitch Class
2 years old. Correct bite. Good length of muzzle. Falls away slightly in skull. Medium eye colour shape could be better. Ears are well placed, a little wide at the base. Nice reach of neck. Good topline. A touch long in back. Stands well front and rear. Well developed chest. Nice free moving bitch. EXCELLENT

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland Specialty Show, 6th June 2009, Judge: Ms Amanda McLaren (UK)
Intermediate Bitch Class
2 years. Complete scissor bite. Typical female. Good size, lighter build. Long head, fine. Muzzle little pinched. Good pigmentation. Little weak in underjaw. Receding skull, good stop. Full dark eye, could be more almond in shape. Tall ears, high set. Moderate bone. Good neckline. Could have a little more substance. Needs to develop in chest. Not in full coat today which accentuates lack of chest. Good length of leg. Attentive presentation. Typical female - like more substance in muzzle and body. EXCELLENT

1st November 2008 Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria 22nd Specialty Show - Judge: Marion Ten Cate (Netherlands)
2nd Exc Junior Bitch Class
13 months, full scissor bite, nice clean teeth, elegant feminine bitch, nice breed type, long elegant head, would prefer a bit more chiselling under eye, not parallel at this moment, high set medium length of ears, almond shaped eyes, nice arched neck, square body, well defined underline, straight back, well angulated behind, moves with plenty of drive, could stride a bit better in front, coat will be intense black in time. EXCELLENT

2nd August 2008 The BSDCNSW 21st Specialty Show - Judge: Janet Andrews
1st VG Puppy Bitch Class

3rd August 2008 The BSDCNSW 22nd Specialty Show - Judge: Kris Malinowski
1st VG Puppy Bitch Class, Puppy of Breed, Puppy In Show