Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Specialty Show, 17th March 2007, Judge: Yves Dambrain (Belgium)


Aust Ch Lumineux Tani
Sire: Aust Ch Mirribandi Uncovered CD x Dam: Lumineux Play With Fire
Born 5th October 2004
owned by Paul Barker
Runner Up Best of Breed, Res Bitch Challenge, Best Intermediate In Show



2nd PROMISING Minor Puppy Bitch class
Full dentition, scissor bite, light pigmentation of mouth, lips not dry enough, could be more chiselled, beautiful eyes, slightly Roman nosed, medium size ears – could be wider at the base and more triangular. Slightly rounded topline, lacks belly, well sprung chest, ribs a bit flat, chest a bit narrow. Good length fur, quite thick, cot too soft, slightly wavy. Stride could be longer and with better drive. Tail very gay on move.



3rd VERY GOOD Intermediate Dog class
Full scissor bite, dark eye, head a bit coarse, little stop, lips are too loose, cheeks should be drier. Excellent body proportions, croup should be firmer, tail set too low, belly could come down. Good bone, angulation acceptable, coat moulting and undercoat light. Very attentive. Gait long enough, narrow at back and toes in right front.



PROMISING Baby Puppy Bitch class
4 months. Scissor bite, mouth pigmentation light, slightly overlong muzzle with Roman nose. Ears a bit deep and large at the base. Longish body, good angulation, well set tail. Beginning of fur too soft and decidedly wavy. Correct gait. Front pastern and foot turns inwards.



2nd PROMISING ENOUGH Minor Puppy Bitch class
9 months. Scissor bite. Long head, muzzle a bit too long and narrow. Lack of proportion between head and ears. Good topline, underline and neckline. Medium bone. Tends to have feet turning outwards at back. Excellent coat, good density. Lifts front feet way too much without covering ground. Non-typical ears.


CH LUMINEUX TANI (owner Paul Baker)

1st EXCELLENT Intermediate Bitch class Res CC, RU BOB, Best Intermediate In Show
2 years. Scissor bite. Typical presentation and silhouette powerful but not heavy. Lightish eyes, roundish ears. Good topline and underline. Well set tail. Medium bone, rear angulation just enough. Coat good texture, feel and density. Nice easy gait, temperament alive and playful.



2nd EXCELLENT Veteran Bitch class
8 years. Scissor bite. Nostrils not well flared, a little pinched. Head a bit small for the body. Slightly concave profile. Medium size ears, a bit large, but very well carried. Topline could be firmer, croup somewhat sloping. Loin rounded across topline. Very good chest. Medium bone. Back feet under the body. Coat good length, texture and density, however, starting to
moult. Excellent gait.