Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Champ Show. 4th Nov 2000

Mme. M. Berton-Sarlat (France) 


Lumineux Cast A Spell - owned by Graebelge Knls

1st Baby Puppy Dog

Good size, good condition, good coat, medium size head, good type with excellent black eyes. Longish ears but typical of age, a bit low set, well carried. Slightly domed skull, good stop, correct neck line, on a very nicely built body, powerful enough, chest is beginning to come down nicely, excellent hind angulation, shoulders a bit straight. Excellent bone, good attitude for a puppy. Good tail, good ground covering movement. Very Promising.

Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Norway) - owned by Allusion Knls

Intermediate Dog Class

Eighteen months. Full scissor bite, good size, moulting but presentable, medium size head, slightly narrow muzzle, medium size ears, well carried on a skull slightly large, high and sloping. Dark round eyes, slightly Roman nosed but not dry enough lips, Good neck line, silhouette harmonious, medium sized body, slightly sloping croup, chest needs more depth. Minimum angulation. Good bone, slightly cow-hocked, good stance. Very good watchful presentation. Narrow and paddles with the back. Tail a bit hooked. Narrow at the front. Very Good.

Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK) - owned by Allusion Knls

2nd Veteran Dog Class

Seven years, Full scissor bite, good condition, thick fur, starting to moult, good condition, good head, medium size, good chiselling, good ears, well carried on a skull that is slightly domed, dark eyes, good stop, good head planes, good neck line, and a good follow on of lines. Good top line, slightly sloping croup, good depth of chest, good rear angulation. Shoulders slightly straight, good bone, weak pasterns, squashed feet and open chest, Good presentation, watchful. Narrow at the back, well carried tail, slightly close at the front. Excellent.

Lumineux Play With Fire - owned by Graebelge Knls

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

Six months. Full scissor bite. Good size, rich fur, good condition, Medium size head with chiselling, medium size ears, well carried, marked zygomatics, very slight stop, good dark eyes, neck line a bit short. Very good powerful body, hindquarter higher than the front because of growth, good chest, correct angulation, good bone, good stance, good watchful attitude, Narrow at the back, good tail, well carried, narrow at the front. Promising.

Mirribandi Morgannah - owned by Allusion Knls

1st Intermediate Bitch

Eighteen months. Full scissor bite. Medium size, good condition, medium size head, just chiselled, nice female altogether, medium size ear, well carried, good dark eyes, flat skull, slight stop, head planes spoiled by the nostrils being a bit too high. Good neck line, on a medium size body, good strength, harmonious, slightly sloping croup, good depth of chest, good underline, shoulder limit, good rear angulation, good bone, good stance, very good presentation. Correct tail but too high, cow-hocked and open elbows. When moving well carried tail. Excellent.


Lumineux Spitfire - owned by Graebelge Knls

3rd Open Dog

7.5 years. Full scissor bite, sable overlayed, good size, good coat, thick but a little untidy, good medium size head, good mask, chiselled, a bit narrow head, good eyes, medium size ears, low set and diverging with marked zygomatics without heaviness. Skull slightly domed, good stop, head correct, slight loss of colour in the lips, head planes not quite correct, skull slightly too female, good neck line in a medium size body, croup longish and sloping, hip bones to marked, chest correct, Goog hock, good rear angulation shoulder acceptable, good stance, good watchful presentation, Tail is hooked. Paddles at the back, hackneyed at the front. Excellent.