Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria - Champ Show, 1993

Mrs. Jackie MacAndie (UK)

Lumineux Fiery Sensation

1st Baby Puppy dog
(Very promising class of puppies which bodes well for the future)
Very immature as one would expect from his age group. Balanced, pleasing head with a good length of muzzle and nice chiselling. Nice dark eyes, well proportioned and of good shape. Tallish, well set ears which he looks as if he will grow into. Had an alert, enquiring expression. Nice overall shape with a straight coat of good texture coming through. Nice neck, firm top-line. He obviously needs to cone up on the leg but he has plenty of bone to do so. Balanced and steady on the move, covering a lot of ground for one so young. Excellent temperament. Overall a promising baby.

Lumineux Blaze OGlory

2nd Intermediate Dog
Large, impressive and upstanding male which, I am sure, wins a lot of friends for the breed though he is too heavy overall for me. A balanced head which is too broad and a little deep-through. Skull not flat, head planes not quite correct, muzzle could be longer. Eyes lightish and larger than I like. Nice arch to neck, well let-down chest, Goodtop-line, well-rounded croup. Heavy coat of correct texture,. Covered a lot of ground. Very typical in attitude with an excellent temperament and good pick-up.

Lumineux Burn For You

2nd Intermediate Bitch
Balanced bitch with good length of head, though parallels not quiet correct and her skull could be flatter. Dark, almond eyes gave a typical expression which was alert and enquiring. She used her neat eras well though they could be ste higher. Good, wide split mouth. Good general body-shape but needs more depth of chest and slightly narrow in front. Firm topline and well-rounded croup. Her lack of coat spoilt the overall impression. Moved with brisk, free, easy action. Typical temperament.