Illawarra & South Eastern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show Oct 20th 2002
Judge: Ms A McLaren (UK)

Full Results and critiques can be seen on the Illawarra site IllawarraChamp2002Showresults



Lumineux Brave Heart

3rd Minor Puppy Dog Class
6 months. Complete scissor bite. Medium length head with good flat skull, good stop, excellent parrallels, a touch flared in cheek, lower lips a little loose. Almond shaped eye. Very well set ears, medium size. not completely triangular in shape. Moderate length of neck, topline tending to roach, sloping croup, a little excess length in loin, good hind angulation, correct in front. Good bone. Touch cow hocked behind. Roaches topline on move and movement needs to tighten in general. Promising

Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d"Unforgettable (Imp Nwy) (co-owned with K Todd)

Open Dog Class
4yrs old. Complete scissor bite.  Good size male, elegant construction, Medium length head, deep through from skull.  Forehead sloping forward, resulting in head planes not quite parrallel.  Almond eye, medium colour, Excellent ears, medium size, well set.  Well arched neck line, Good height at withers, good topline sloping croup.  Well angulated front and rear, good chest, Good bone & feet.  Excellent calm presentation.  Good side gait but tendency to drop a little at withers on move. Very Good 

Lumineux Ebony Mist

1st Baby Puppy Bitch Class
Best Baby Puppy Groenendael
5 months. Complete scissor bite Excellent elegant silhouette. Coat just coming in of good condition. Medium length head expressive, needs to chisel under the eye. Good stop. Good eye shape and colour. High set ears touch wide at base. Good neckline and topline. Chest well developed for age. Good angles front and rear. Excellent proud presentation. Good bone. Good tail carriage. Steady movement. Very Promising

Lumineux Moon Heart

1st Minor Puppy Bitch Class
6 months Complete dentition, scissor bite, head of medium length little flared in cheek, good pigmentation. Good almond eye. High set ears used well, touch broad at base. Good stop. Moderate reach of neck. Good topline. Coat a little wavy for the moment. Well angulated front and rear. Chest well developed for age. Good cat feet. Good bone. Carrying little excess weight, puppy rolling on the move - movement otherwise steady. Good tail carriage. Very Promising

Ch Mirribandi Morgannah
st Aust Bred Bitch Class
Res CC Bitch
4yrs Complete scissor bite, typical bitch.  Good size, shown in good coat condition of good texture.  Medium length head, chiselled under eye.  Good flat skull, stop & parallels.  Dark eye of good shape, expressive medium ears of good triangular shape, well set and used constantly, a touch wide at base.  Good reach of neck, good withers, firm back of medium length, well developed chest, nicely defined underline, correctly angled front and rear. Calm presentation, good tail carriage, good steady side gait holding topline well. Excellent

Ch Lanaken Niclolette

2nd Open Bitch Class
5 years Complete level bite. Good size female in profuse coat, excellent condition. Medium length head. Typical expression chiselled under eye. Flat skull. Good stop. Forehead very slightly sloping. Some loss of pigment on lower lips. Well shaped eye. Medium high set ears used constantly. Well arched neckline into firm level topline. Croup a little sloping. Well developed chest in depth and width. Correct angles front and rear. Good underline. Very harmonious outline. Good bone and substance. Proud presentation. Good tail carriage. Drops topline at withers a little on move, but movement otherwise good. Excellent


Lumineux Wild Heart

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch Class
6months Complete scissor bite. Grey already well overlayed. Would prefer more length of head plus she is already quite full in cheek giving a triangular aspect to the head. Flat skull, good stop, well masked. Tallish ears very well set triangular in shape, touch wide at base. Sufficient reach of neck. Good short topline, good underline. Well angulated front and rear. Good bone and substance, shapely body. Exuberant puppy movement. Needs time to settle. Promising