Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of N.S.W. Champ Show. Aug 1998.

Mme Pauline Stern-Hanf (Holland)

Lumineux Fiery Sensation (Demon) ) D.O.B. 15-5-93

2nd Aust Bred Dog Class

Entire, pincer bite with 1 PM1 (R Lower) missing. Strong type male but all is in proportion. Good head with nice expression. Excellent stop, excellent dark eye. Nice small ear but head just slightly too heavy. Excellent overall expression. Excellent stop and parallelism. Good body but could have more reach of neck, little long in back, slightly sloping croup. Balanced angulation. Good chest, strong bone construction. Movement – slightly close in rear, good side movement and a bit loose in front. Excellent coat, excellent temperament. EXCELLENT.

Lumineux Live Wire (Sparky) D.O.B. 15-5-93

Aust Bred Dog Class

Entire, scissor bite, good type male, medium long head. Good stop and parallel planes but a bit deep in skull. Nice dark eye, good ear, slightly broad in skull, nice body construction, high on legs, fluent topline with bit sloping croup. Moderate angulation, good chest but stands from time to time, a bit cow-hocked in rear and bit narrow in front. Movement – close in rear and a bit weaving in front. Excellent coat. VERY GOOD.

Zellik Notorious Flyer (Imp UK) (Harley) D.O.B. 1-9-93 co-owned with C Hrymek

1st Open Dog Class

Entire, excellent type male, complete scissor. Excellent medium long head, nice chiselling, almond shaped eyes, excellent high set ears, excellent stop, good parallelism, excellent short body could have little more neck, good shoulder, bit straight in upper arm. Good chest, fluent topline, slightly sloping croup. Movement – could have little more drive in rear, slightly loose in front – in full coat, but a bit soft. Beautiful expression, dog with type and class. EXCELLENT.

Lanaken Nicolette (Nikki) D.O.B 19-10-97

1st Puppy Bitch Class * Best Puppy In Show

Scissor beautiful type bite. Excellent head, high set ear, elegant stop. Excellent parallelism, excellent body for age. Good neck, medium long back, good chest for age, excellent bone construction. Moderate but balanced angulations. Movement – bit loose in front but overall good for age. Excellent coat, beautiful overall type. EXCELLENT.

Lumineux Hells Bells (Shine) 12-1-97

Intermediate Bitch Class

Scissor bite, nice type bitch, eyes too light, medium long head, excellent small ears, like little more length in head. Good stop and parallelism for age. Good body, nice reach of neck. Bit straight in upper arm, has to develop in chest, good rear angulation. Bit skinny at moment. Doesn’t lack quality but has to mature. Close in rear, good side movement, good front. Friendly temperament. Good coat but not in condition. VERY GOOD.

Lumineux Spitfire (Rip) 15-5-93. Owner Graebelge Knls

Level bite, Excellent type male, medium long nice chiselled head. Dark eye. Good ears, could be slightly higher. Excellent stop and parallelism. Good masking. Excellent body, could have little more neck, short back, bit sloping croup. Excellent chest, bit straight in front, good rear angulation. Excellent bone construction, stands well on all four. Movement – Tail carried bit in curl, bit close in rear, slightly loose in front. Excellent coat texture, nice colour with good blackening, sable colour. excellent temperament. EXCELLENT.