Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales Champ Show. 3rd Aug 1996.

Mme. M. Berton-Sarlat (France) 

Lumineux Beautys Beast (Panda) D.O.B. 8-4-95

2nd Junior Dog Class

Scissor bite, full dentition, average height, good beautiful flat coat, a good balanced head, chiselled, good dark eyes, good little ears, well carried, good expression. Good skull, good parallelism. Lack of reach of neck for a body slightly too long for a male. Good chest, good rear angulation. The front feet turned out but good straight legs. True front, straight legs but feet turn out. Very good presentation. Good tail. Would have parallel gait. When moves doesn’t turn feet out, handler must attend to this. Badly set on tail.

Zellik Notorious Flyer (Imp UK) (Harley) D.O.B. 1-9-93 co-owned with C Hrymek


1st Intermediate Dog Class

Average height, rather fluffy coat, probably in moult. Very beautiful balanced head, extremely expressive and typical, very beautiful ears, very pointed, well carried. Good skull, very slightly round, good stop, good parallelism, excellent presentation and expression. Good construction, rather stocky body. Good musculature, loin well muscled. Strong without coarseness. Good dark eyes. Good reach of neck, if had slightly more would be perfect. Good back, slightly sloping croup. Good chest, good under line, good rear angulation, adequate shoulder, Good bone structure. Feet adequate. Excellent presentation and expression and typical Belgian gaze. Good gait but front legs not quite straight. Excellent.

Lumineux Live Wire (Sparky) D.O.B. 15-5-93

3rd Aust Bred Dog Class

Full dentition, scissor bite, is a male of good height, good coat, good chiselled balanced head. Good dark eyes, beautiful ears rather low set on, well carried but not pointy enough, head flat but little too broad. Good stop. Good dark eyes, fairly good construction, balanced body, sufficient neckline, good back but very sloping in croup. Good chest, good rear angulation. Fair shoulders, good body substance, good straight front, good feet, good presentation and beautiful alert expression. Good tail, a bit close in front and behind and tail curves bit to left. Excellent.

Lumineux Fiery Sensation (Demon) ) D.O.B. 15-5-93

3rd Open Dog Class

Full dentition, pincer bite, good height, rich coat, good texture, beginning of moult. Good balanced head, chiselled, but pinched muzzle, good eyes, dark hazel, beautiful ears low set on, fairly well carried on rather wide skull, bit cheeky, but overall masculine without coarseness. Good stop, good parallelism, good construction, fairly powerful flowing lines, good incline of neck. Weak back behind withers, soft in back, sloping croup, excellent chest, sufficient rear angulation. Fair shoulders, good bone structure, slight weakness in pastern, spread feet, dog at limit of weight. Fairly good gait, well carried tail.

Lumineux Black Diamond (Gem) D.O.B. 8-4-95. Owner K Todd

1st Junior Bitch Class

Full dentition, scissor bite, good height, good texture of coat, balanced head, chiselled but slightly pinched muzzle, good dark eyes, good medium ears, well carried ears, on rather flat skull, slightly cheeky. Good stop, good parallelism, good overall outline. Good neckline, good wither, good back, sloping croup, good chest line, good rear angulation bit straight at shoulder, good bone structure, excellent presentation, Beautiful overall expression. Slightly hooked tail curving to left, close behind, imperfectly set on of tail. Excellent

Weedram Material Girl (Candy) D.O.B. 29-7-93

1st Aust Bred Dog Class

Full dentition, scissor bite, height medium, good condition, fair coat, good fairly feminine balanced head, good dark eyes, beautiful ears, little marked in shell, well carried on rather flat skull, good stop, fair parallelism. Balanced overall, fairly well constructed. Fair neck, good wither, good back, sloping croup, good chest, angulation adequate, good bone structure. Good straight legs, very good presentation. Beautiful expression, good tail, fairly good gait. Excellent

Lumineux Burn For You (Flame) D.O.B. 21-12-90

3rd Open Bitch Class

Full dentition, scissor bite, medium height, good overall condition, good ears pretty head, balanced harmonious, very feminine, beautiful ears, well carried on a good skull, fairly flat, Good parallelism, beautiful Belgian expression. Fair neck, balanced body, slight weakness behind withers, slightly sloping croup, good chest, good underline, good rear angulation, fair shoulders, good bone structure, bit narrow across chest, very beautiful expression and good presentation. Tail well carried but turns to right, close in front, stiff in movement. Excellent