Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of New South Wales - Champ Show, 31st July 1995

Mr. Yves Dambrain (Belgium)

Lumineux Beautys Beast

1st Baby puppy dog (6 entered & shown)

Scissor bite, Head typical proportion, body little flat for male, good angulation, excellent gait Beautiful ? Good bone structure. Beautiful feet. Beautiful well set triangular ears, classical almond shaped eyes.

Zellik Notorious Flyer (Imp UK)

3rd Intermediate dog (6 entered and shown)

The most beautiful of the class but given third place because of his timid nature. Excellent expression, beautiful head, body little long for male, excellent coat, good angulation, feet little too long. Good presentation. (# Harley had a urinary tract infection and did not want his back end touched)

Ch Lumineux Fiery Sensation

1st Australian Bred dog (6 entries 1 absent)

Very solid, very masculine, body too long. Good proportions of head overall rather powerful but without being course. Excellent bone structure, rather dippy back, chest needs to come down more. Coat very dense and of good texture.

Lumineux Live Wire

2nd Australian Bred dog (6 entries 1 absent)

Good short bodied dog, scissor bite, excellent pigmentation, very beautiful eyes, rather prominent zygomatics, ears could be set higher up and too rounded. Good back, little too tucked up, bit splay footed at rear. Could be more powerful for male. Coat lacks length and density.

Lumineux Black Diamond (owner K Todd)

1st Baby Puppy Bitch (10 entered & shown)

Best Baby in Show

Typical, scissor bite quite a lot of strength for a bitch, very good bone structure, fairly marked stop. very good proportions, very good back, loins nicely broad, high set on tail, excellent angulation, very good bone structure, very dense coat.

Ch Weedram Material Girl

2nd Puppy Bitch (5 entered & shown)

Good type, scissor bite, head could be little longer, eyes rather too round, No stop, eras bit too broad at base. Neck bit too short, too high in rump, slightly sloping rump, well descended chest, angulation too straight in front and particularly at back, feet too long.