Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Champ Show 24th April 2000

Judge: Ms M Vermeire (Blg)

Aust Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK) - co-owned with C Hrymek

Res CC Dog

2nd Open Dog Class

7 years. Pincer bite, missing two incisors at bottom, good pigmentation, nice head, could have a bit more stop, dark eyes, good ears, well placed, neck could be a bit longer, good back, good croup, tail could be a bit longer. Good chest, well angulated, feet in front could be bit shorter, nice type of dog. Good presentation. Very good character. Good undercoat, good texture of coat. Movement - narrow behind, a bit loose in front. Grade: Excellent.

Mirribandi Morgannah - co-owned with C Hrymek

Best Junior Groenendael

1st Junior Bitch Class

12 months. Complete scissor bite, good pigmentation, good head but no stop, Dark eye but round. Small ears, could be a bit higher placed on head, good neck, dip in back, body a bit long, croup falling and good tail. Chest should be more developed. Well angulated, good feet, pasterns a bit weak, good top coat, should have more undercoat, good presentation, good character. Movement - loose in front, slightly crosses over in behind. Grade: Very good.

Aust Ch Lanaken On The Wild Side

2nd Intermediate Bitch Class

2 Years. complete pincer bite, good pigmentation, nice head, enough stop, dark eye, dark eye, well placed ears, a bit large at base. Good neck, good back and croup. Tail could be a bit longer, good chest, Well angulated, turned out elbows, good feet, good top coat, could have more undercoat, good presentation. Very nice character. Movement - too narrow behind, loose in front. Grade: Excellent.

Aust Ch Lanaken Nicolette

R U Best of Breed - Bitch CC

Best Aust Bred Groenendael

1st Aust Bred Bitch Class

2.5 Years. Complete pincer bite, lips a bit depigmented, light roman nose, good skull, lack of stop, dark eye, very nice ear, well placed. Good back, croup and tail. Good chest, well angulated, turned out elbow, good feet, good undercoat and topcoat. Nice presentation, good character. Movement - narrow behind, a bit loose in front. Grade: Excellent.