BSDCV Specialty November 2003 - photo Paul Barker BSDCV Specialty November 2003 - photo Paul Barker

Lumineux Morticia

Dam: Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah x Sire: Aust Ch Fakaiser's Ulrick d'Unforgettable (Imp Nor

9th Dec 2002 - 20th Nov 2004

Health Results/Scores


Tisha is a real character, full of life and into everything. She recently (27th March '03) tried her paw at herding... and had a ball - those sheepies were great fun!!!! We have since taken her to a herding clinic (19th April) and she enjoyed herself once again, exhibiting a definite interest in the sheep, we hope to continue with Tisha's herding interest in the future.

Tisha will make the occasional foray into the show ring, but for now is concentrating on having fun and doing all the things that Belgians (especially puppies) do.

May 2003 - Tisha and I went went to another Herding training day, we (Tisha and I) have started to learn our commands etc.... still good fun!!

Nov 2003 -Tisha only attended a couple of shows, most notably the Victorian Belgian Specialty Show on the 1st Nov 2003, where she was 2nd Puppy Bitch Class out of four other girls (she was beaten by her friend Ella), where she Graded Excellent by Breed Specialist Dr G Schaffner (France) - it was actually Dr (Vet) Scaffner who allerted me to the fact that Tisha's eye problem was more serious than we first thought.

Dec 2004 - No more pain little girl, forever in my Heart..........

Tisha had Chronic Conjunctivitis, (allergic or Immune mediated conjunctivitis), which began in the Spring of 2003, it was initially thought to have been brought on by a trigger eg, environmental - pollen, dust, chemical, vaccine (lowered immune system)
She was seen by our own vet and a veterinary ophthamologist. Treatments included, Maxidex drops, Prednisolone tablets, Prednefrin drops, Imuran tablets, Optimmune® ointment - these last 2 being the most effective but not controlling it completely. She was taking the highest dose possible for her of the Imuran - which is an immune suppressant, the possible side effects from this drug meant it was too risky to increase the dose further.
She had to have regular blood tests because of the risks to her organs/kidneys and was at a greater risk from viral infection & disease because of the effects of the drug on her immune system. We also tried a couple of herbal eye treatments.
Taking many things into consideration, in particular Tisha's age and the fact that the treatment whilst an improvement, was not as effective as we would have liked and not worth the risk of the side effects of taking the immune suppressant for the rest of her life, I made one of the hardest and saddest decisions I've ever had to make.
My little girl was given sleep whilst in my arms.....

Optimmune® ointment - opthalmic cyclosporine

Click here to see photos of Tishas eyes

What is Allergic Conjunctivitis?

Allergic conjunctivitis may be due to pollen, house dust mites, molds, mildew and food allergy as well as odors from new carpets and recently finished floors. There is no way to diagnose an allergy directly. For this reason, allergic conjunctivitis is a diagnosis of exclusion, that is we exclude all other causes and what is left is allergy. The treatment for allergic conjunctivitis is either steroids or nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). If a cause can be determined, the elimination of the cause will often result in the resolution of the allergy.




BSDCV Specialty 1st Nov 2003

BSDCV Specialty 1st Nov 2003

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria
Specialty show November 2003

Tisha 10 months

August 2003


Here I come sheepies - photo Wendy Mitchell Photography

Yee hah - photo Wendy Mitchell Photography

this is fun - photo Wendy Mitchell Photography

Hmmm... get outa the corner sheepies! - photo Wendy Mitchell Photography

and off we go again...

Tisha (Lumineux Morticia) and I at a Herding Clinic - 19th April '03


Good girlie! - photo Wendy Mitchell Photography

Happy but puffed out. - photo Wendy Mitchell Photography


Deb our instructor (of Blue Moon Border Collies) tells Tisha she's a good girl

Tisha in the bucket (as usual) and friends - photo C Hrymek A real tomboy Tisha doesn't mind getting her paws (and everything else) wet! Cooling her paws after her first try at Herding - photo C Hrymek

cute puppy Tisha


Sires pedigree

DK NUCH s.r. NV-97-98 SV-98 NORDV-98
Fakaiser's Emir d' Enrage

Gooitzen v't Belgisch Schoon Engel du Domaine Ponti Capi du Val des Artistes
Zorka du Clos Saint Antoine
Elga of Lady Mary Dialou of Lady Mary
Dina of Lady Mary
Lesly v't Belgisch Schoon Vick du Parc de l' Hay Pirate de la Bonne Rencontre
Ollia du Parc de l' Hay
Ylva v't Belgisch Schoon Dan de la Douce Plaine
Honey Black v't Belgisch Schoon

Mona du Crepuscule des Loups

Femto du Bois du Tôt Day Dreem de Condivicnum Ares du Bois du Tôt
Adena de Condivicnum
Tiakie du Sart des Bois Olrick du Chemin des Dames
Mirbelle du Chemin des Dames
Fidji du Castel d' Argences Ares du Bois du Tôt Samour de la Javottière de Corberon
Teksa du Sart des Bois
Vanille du Chemin des Dames Rendal de la Douce Plaine
Ramona du Chemin des Dames

Dams pedigree

Ch Zellik Notorious Flyer AD (Imp UK) Zellik High Flyer (UK) Niels at Skyloon de Loup Noir at Zellk (Imp USA) Am Ch Drakkar de la Pouroffe (USA)
Quarry at Skyloon de Loup Noir (USA)
Zellik Whisper (UK)
Eng Ch Gooitzen v’t Belgisch Schoon (UK) (Imp Hol)
Delightful Bumble of Zellik (UK)
Zellik Dark Desire (UK) Eng Ch Magician van de Hoge Laer at Delator (UK) (Imp Blg) Hutch du Domaine des Noirs (Blg)
Haida du Val des Artistes (Blg)
Eng Ch Zellik Whirlwind (UK) Drack de la Pouroffe of Zellik (Uk) (Imp USA)
Elfe of Zellik (Uk) (Imp Frn)
Ch Lanaken Magic At Midnite (IID) Re Fandy Black De Condivicnum (Frn) Re Dandy du Chemin des Dames Ch Re Kadour de la Quievre
Re Ramona du Chemin des Dames
Brennie du Sart des Bois Ughor du Sart des Bois
Tchalai du Sart des Bois
Shary del Castel Sardo (Imp Ndl) Grimm–G Fitzroy del Varco
Mousette Di Camerao
Filou del Castel Sardo Mystic Van de Hoge Laer
Nkosi del Castel Sardo

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