Leo's seizure info


First seizure 18 Aug 2008, description generally was uncoordinated movement, no co-relation between front & back, standing up the whole time (approx 5 min duration) confused look in his eye, panting (but he had been exercising vigorously just prior). Incontinence faeces & urine, drooling. Blood tests were taken at the Vet on the next morning (vet reviewed him post seizure) but no Thyroid test was done. He had another big seizure on the 5th Sept again after exercise...shaking of the back end, panting, incontinence, glazed look approx 5 min duration.

Prior to these, and subsequently, there have only been minor back end tremors, lasting seconds or at most a minute, but actually nothing now for a month and a half - as per owner 21st Oct 2008.

Minor fit, approx 3 sec, was at 07:30 on 1 April 2009.  It was unrelated to exercise as we were sitting around with coffees after getting out of bed.  It had the usual manifestations of rooting motions, activity of the hind quarters, and unable to move much in the front.  There did not seem to be any warning, and he was quiet and "sooky" afterwards. ie snuggling up and staying close. Another the following Saturday, 4 April '09, as above, approx 3 sec

8 April 2009 BIG fit...post exercise, middle of day mildly warm day, back end shaking, panting vigorously, moving  rigidly, uncoordinatedly (?), clenching of front paws, wide, scared eyes,  some twitching and end of seizure weakness, and vomitting.  No incontinence (which he had with previous fits) Lasted about 10 mins mostly standing but also lay on his side; no cessation of breathing. Leo had had approx 20min shaded rest time before we began walking home,  and had been having cold water to drink intermittently whilst playing, preceding the fit.  We were actually calmly walking home along a walking/bike path, no distractions or other traffic when he began to stiffen up and the seizure began- as per owner 28th April 2009.