Friends of the Belgian Shepherd

Get together & Fun day

Sunday the 16th Feb 2003

At Brimbank Park, Keilor, Victoria

Another Funday has been and gone, once again we all had a pleasant day, which stayed fine and sunny. It was great to catch up with evryone and the dogs certainly enjoyed themselves - playing, socializing and making new doggy pals.

Can't remember all the humans names.... but I remember most of the dogs... lol.... they included, Dazzle, Belle, Jett, Sparky, Zap, Tex, Brandi, Honey, Paco, Ziggy, Ruff, Zorro, Bonnie, Baron, Heidi, Harley (GSD), Kia, Ari, Nefre, a cute little schipperke whose name I van't think of and last but not least, some of our pups - out for a day of socializing.

Baron, Bonnie, Loki, Zap, Sparky, Ari and Neffre

Ruff in the foreground, Kia the pup to the right getting pats and Belle, Dazzle and some more pups in the puppy pens

Harley(GSD), Heidi, Zoor and some pups


Baron, Bonnie,  Sparky, Zap, Ari, Neffre and Loki

Baron, Sparky and Zap

Baron and Bonnie

the little schipperke on the left saying Hi to some Bigger versions of herself!

Baron and Bonnie

Baron and Bonnie

Jett with ears!

Bonnie and Baron


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