Friends of the Belgian Shepherd

Get together & Fun day

Sunday the 25th of November

At Jells Park, Wheelers Hill, Victoria

Well the November Get Together has been and gone. We had a lovely day that stayed fine, dispite the prediction of rain, took the dogs on a walk (some had a swim) and a BBQ lunch and chat followed.

Dogs and owners that attended included, myself (Helene) with Gina, Belle, Nikki, Roxie, Brat, Kayla, Shine and Magic, Wayne with Sparky and Zap, Kellie and Shane with Tex, Brandi and Montana, Camila with Obse, U2, Zorro, Eros, Yodie and Mimi, Richard with Ziggy, Peter with Ernie, Lois and with Ruff , Tracey with Zorro and Terv, Josie and Jackson with Zulu, Annie with Passion and her brother with his Cattle Dog (can't remember her name sorry), Bronwyn with Brandy, Panache with Delphi, Paul with Tinky, Pat and Gary with Baron, Jenny and Gordon with Toasty, Ange and Simon with Wilma.


The next Funday's will be Mar/April and Oct/Nov 2002 - keep and eye on the Events page for further details.