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we have lots of fun with our
Beautiful Belgians


Below - November 2004

What are you supossed to be - the Angel on the top of the Christmas Tree!?

Little Angel




Aren't I an Angel!




Soooo sweet and inocent!


Shine - Aust Ch Lumineux Hells Bells (and on left Marnie - Aust Ch Mirribandi Morgannah)


Below - Fun Day March 1999
Fancy Dress Competition


Below - Fun Day November 2000
Fancy Dress Competition

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


Nikki, Little Red Riding Hood
and Ulrick the Big Bad Wolf

What a sweetie!
Marnie the Faerie


Santa's Reindeer
Niiki and Roxie

Aust Ch Lanaken Nicolette


Below - Christmas 1998



Roxie - Aust Ch Lanaken On The Wold Side




Below - Christmas 1996



Peaties Black Elegance


Gina - Aust Ch Lanaken Make A Wish (IID)

Ellie (My Mum's girl)

Below - November 2000
These photos were taken during the Fancy Dress Competition, at the Fun Day.


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