Belgian Walk at Darebin Parklands
29th April 2001




Everyone lines up for the group photo


Here are some views of the parklands



Tex, Jan & Shadow

Paul, Ulrick, Ron & Ruff

Zorro, Ruff & Flynn


Photos above courtesy of the Macris family - Thanks


What a fantastic turnout we had at the April 2001 get together!

As well as our many Belgian friends and their families, the day drew a number of visitors who came to see what our breed was like in the flesh...

Thank you to all who participated and made the day the success it was.

Also a big thank you to NATURES GIFT for the goodies and the showbags they provided for all who came!

A summary of the day.

The weather was kind to us and it was a beautiful sunny day. The first thing on the agenda was a leisurely walk through the parklands, with games of chasey and a refreshing dip in the river (taken by some of the four footed gang). Next was lunch and chat time, then the fancy dress competition - always a popular event. Natalie, on behalf of Natures Gift then presented all the doggies with their goodies YUM! This was followed by more chat time and meeting all the dogs, then it was time to see what these dogs were made of! The dogs and owners were invited to participate in a Canine Temperamnet Evaluation, the purpose of the test being to evaluate a particular dog on that particular day. Briefly it consisted of a number of situations and distractions which the dogs encountered with their handlers and the dogs were evaluated based on their reactions and recovery to them on the day. We thank I & M Macdonald for agreeing to do this test. It proved to be another popular event which we will continue at future fundays.

Listed below are some of the dogs and their people that attended. If I have left out anyone I'm sorry - drop me a line and I'll include you here.

Yours truly and Wayne with Passion, Magic, Ulrick, Nikki, Brat, Sparky, Roxie, Jett and Kayla

C & R Hrymek with Yodie, Obsession, U2, Mimi, Ziggy and the little black pupster Jay

S & K Houston with Brandi, Monatanna and Tex

A Kilby with Kira

B Riley and Taj

P & G Roberts with Baron and sweetie GSD Pepper

J Carroll with Shadow

N King with Paddy and his cattle dog friend Weazel

The Dawson family with Brindi the cute little Schipperke

L & R Macris with Ruff

T Joyce & R Douglas with Zorro and Flynn

J & J Jackson with Zulu

The Bolton family with Charlotte

P Barker with Tinky{

S Tanner with Mischka

P Kontis with Adelphi

And Misty the beautiful old 15 year old Groenendael girl and her owner, who I unfortunately don't know the name of. How nice to see and she even participated in the Canine Temperament Evaluation - what a girl!

For further details on dates and times for our next day out, please keep an eye on this site - they will be posted on the "Events page"


We thank Nature’s Gift for their support.

Nature’s Gift generously supplied each dog attending the fun day and walk, with their own showbag full of treats and information.

Natures Gift Australia Home Page

Nature's Gift provides your dog's complete nutritional requirements. Free from harmful or artificial additives. Ingredients contain only fresh high grade meat, vegetables and all necessary vitamins and minerals - Strictly no offal or by-products.

A wholly Australian owned company with a unique range of petfood that uses only fresh quality Australian ingredients.

Man's best friend deserves the best!


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