Our Place
Waiting by the gate...... 2004



  We live in South Gippsland, on a 6 acre undulating property nestled amongst the surrounding hills. The house is a fairly old farm house, but the views are beautiful, making the travelling distance worth it. We are surrounded on all sides by dairy farms and luckily the cows don't worry about the dogs and the dogs are used to the cows.

The dogs share the place with cows, white fantail pigeons, doves, wild ducks that visit the dam for a swim, a wide variety of native birds (that love the free feed they get here) and my colourful collection of chooks (different breeds of Bantams) - which is another of my interests.


our muddy front yard - winter 2004

who's at the gate? - winter 2004

Stables and kennels

The house


Our front paddock complete with cows - Buffy, Coco, Bessie and calves

some of the gang in our muddy front yard - winter 2004

Bantam hen, chicks and Turbo the cat relaxing in the sun


Bantam Hen and chicks







Shimmer, Turbo and the chooks, all getting along

Hen Rooster and chicks


Buffy and calves


Hen and her chicks

Shine and puppy Frosty


Shimmer and her best buddy Turbo, with chooks in the background